My son has a vascular hemangioma on his butt. Does anyone have any experience with these going away? Especially in the diaper area as it is always irritated? It is ulcerated badly too.


Amanda - posted on 02/08/2009




My son had something on his butt when he was a baby and we soaked it in epsom salt like 4 times a day, and it worked. The more you soak it the better.


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LeaAnn - posted on 11/23/2014




My daughter is 2mo old with a ulcerated hemangioma in the diaper area...we've seen the dermatologist and all the steroids have made it worst we use aquaphor healing ointment between diaper changes to help protect it from poop and pee but the ulcer keeps getting bigger. We are waiting to go to U of M children's hospital vascular abnormalities dept. I'm hoping they can laser the spot to stop it from breaking down more. But in some cases the ulcer can be bad enough that they surgical remove the whole hemangioma. I'm scared but they treat all kinds of hemangiomas on s daily basis. If you live near MI check out UofM Mott's children's hospital vascular abnormalities dept.

Angela - posted on 02/08/2009




My daughter has a total of 6 hemangiomas ( 1 on her shoulder, 1 on her trunk above the belly button, 1 near her R nipple, 1 under her left arm pitt, 1 on her neck and a spider one in her ear). The only one that has given her problems is the one on the shoulder. It ulcerated. Our pediatrician refered us to a dermatologist and we started a steriod cream. That didn't seem to help so then we went to oral steriods. She has been on the oral steriods for 7 months. It helped alot but now it has platoed. There is another medication out there (Propanolol) that they use. It is suppose to be safe but can lower their blood pressure. I would recommend getting refered to a dermotologist to see what they can do.

Emily - posted on 02/08/2009




my brother (13 years younger than me) had a hemangioma on his nose. it started as a small red dot and grew to the size of a large gum ball in just a matter of weeks. anyway the doctor treated it with steroids to stop the growth and told my parents that if it didn't started to go away by the time he started school then the might have to consider surgery. well now he is 12 and has a pretty normal nose (still can see that it is shaped a little different than it should be) with no cosmetic surgeries and no other treatments besides the steroids when he was a few months old.

i know my brothers was in a very different spot than your sons is but hope this helps a little. good luck!

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