my son is 2 years old turning 3 thiis year he is very bright and a beautyfull person. There is one thing about him not many people know about. He can turn ino something I fear, at first I thought it was just terrible twos know I can't control it enymore. He gets in a state where he looses his mind! nothing you do or say will make him calm down at that stage, he sreames, thros himself around thros things hates me at that moment, he will shout at me for no reason, no mommy no! and I will just look at him and pray


Sarah - posted on 01/31/2013




I would talk with a counselor or agency that works with troubled kids. There is a hold you can do to help calm them down. It is a special hold so you or the child don't get hurt. Many professionals that work with troubled kids know how to do this hold and can teach you how. They can also look at his diet and routine to see if there are other triggers that can be changed to help him.


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Alexis - posted on 01/31/2013




Poor mom! :( I'd say a little tough love never killed anyone lol. My two year old gets a talking to or a time out most days of the week. I realize you may be dealing with more than just a bratty kid... I would agree with above responses and suggest that you take him to a doctor or someone higher up at school to check into his behavior. Maybe he's struggling with something he cannot put into words? Try to maintain a patient and tolerant outlook...its easy because you love him so! Seek some outside help, you don't have to deal with anything all alone. :) good luck

Marsel - posted on 01/31/2013




Thank you so much Sarah, also thouhgt of professional help, cause as a mom I really don't know anymore, today when I fetched him at school I stood there for almost 20min cause he refused to get of the slide and when he got home wanted I cookie when I wanted to give it to him he didn't want it then I took it back and he wanted it again we played this game for 20 min, I also have a 9 week old baby boy but sometimes I have to leave him screaming cause my 2 year old wants my atention, I'm not aloud in the loo without him or may not shouwer alone, he wil simply open the door while standing on he's chair and if he can't find a chair he'll lay on the floor and scream, I have to shower in my panty and bra cause I'm not aloud to be alone, its not that he doesn't get atention from me cause he rules my every move

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