my son is 20 months is he to young for cold medicine?


Kathryn - posted on 10/04/2009




talk to his doctor about it. my son had a really bad cold when he was almost 2 and his doctor told me when brand and everything to buy and how much to give him and for how long. the doseage will change with their weight and height at least that is what the doctor told me

Brandi - posted on 10/03/2009




my daughter is 3 and I don't ever give her any otc cold meds or cough meds. My drs. don't recommend these things for a couple of reasons. 1. they rarely help any of the symptoms and 2. overdoses are sooooooo common. What they have suggested to me is Tylenol or Ibuprofin for fever if fever is present. For coughing, they suggest a 15 min. period of time in a steamy bathroom (run a hot shower and shut the door). a humidifier always when they are sick to keep the nasal passages moist. warm liquids (water or apple juice or whatever) limit milk especially if fever. also for stuffiness they make baby vapo rub. It's made for babies from milder ingredients. I believe that what a sick baby needs most is mommy's love and nothing else really eases much. These other things can really help. also if he has a croupy cough (sorta sounds like a seal) cold night air can really open the airway up for him. It's always really hard when a baby is sick, cuz you just wanna fix it, but I don't believe otc meds are the way to do that. they can really be dangerous, especially if you accidentally give the wrong dose.

Kim - posted on 10/03/2009




i talked to a phamisist about this and he said that cold meds in children that young do not help at all it will do nothing for the symptoms your child has hope this helps

Sabrina - posted on 10/02/2009




actually recently they have recalled all over the counter cold meds for kids under 5 yrs. they really do not do anything. and alot of kids were getting over dosed. the best thing to do is to make him comfortable and let his body fight it off. a vaporizer is good. and there is a vicks for babies that you can use to help him too. my kids have never taken cold meds and now their immune systems are very good. the 3 older ones are in school and almost never get sick. and the 3 little ones if they do get a cold it passes very quickly and is not that hard on them. they say the best thing is plenty of fluids and sleep. my daughter recently was complaining of a sore throat. when i went to the store little remedies had safe t pops. which are just lollipops with a safety stick and that hellped to sooth it. and they are non-medicated.

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Amanda - posted on 10/03/2009




Usually if you read the medicine label it tells you ages to go by, But they recommend that you go by weight.

Kristi - posted on 10/02/2009




I just went to the doc. today for my 9 month old son and asked them the same question, since he was born he has had problems with coughing, runny noses and sneezing, she said I could give him childrens benydril, they go by the weight of your child I would ask your doctor though, bc every child is different. good luck!

Jen - posted on 10/02/2009




My doctor said we were allowed to give my daughter pure robitusin after she turned 6 months old. She is 22 months now and her dose is 1/2tsp. She is 26lbs, but you can always google search the dosage for your son.

Shelly - posted on 10/02/2009




I would check with your doctor. As the other moms said, 2 is generally the start of over-the-counter meds.

Pia - posted on 10/02/2009




Colds and children are horrible! I hate not being able to do much. When my son gets one I pop a vaporiser in his room, rub vicks on his chest and soles of his feet, and put saline drops up his nose if it's blocked.

I would discuss any new medication with your doctor or pharmacist first. It's better not to risk it until you're sure, especially when he's so young.

Cassie - posted on 10/02/2009




I would say he is right under the cut off age. Another 4 months and you should be good but I have been told that they just said children under 2 should not have any cold meds AT ALL. I wouldn't risk it. If you feel he needs cold meds go see your doctor, he might be able to give you good alternatives. But for now just keep a humidifier near him all the time when he plays/sleeps/eats. That will help break up all the mucus in his throat and soothe his nose. Peppermint tea bag placed directly into his bath water with also help soothe the cough or sore throat. I hope he gets better hun! Good luck.

Melanie - posted on 10/02/2009




they dont recomend giving it but the weight for the dosage is on there i think that if he ways more then a 2 year old or close to you would be ok.

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