my son is a fussy eater and NOT growing; should i be worried??

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My son is a really fussy eater, and only snacks during the day. Today, his grandfather and I had noticed that he hasnt really grown since March, when we last measured him. Should I be concerned? I'm about 5'4 and his daddy is 6'4 or so.. I was always on the shorter side of the growth chart, and his dad was 5'7 until 17, when he grew. I'm just nervous something could be wrong... :(


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Amanda - posted on 08/10/2012




Every kid is different. My son loves helping make snacks, lunch and supper. Get him involved where ever you can. Maybe if he helps make it he will try it cause he did it. Also make it fun try using different shapes or making silly faces with his food. I know it can be extra work but if he eats then why not. Don't keep telling him at supper you have to eat you have to eat. My aunt did that with my cousin and she still wont eat. The more you nag the less they eat. But a doctors visit can't hurt.

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My 2 yr old daughter is the same way. She has remained the same weight for the last several months. Although, she has gotten a little taller. We give her a multi vitamin to supplement what she isn't eating. And I make sure that when she does eat, it is healthy stuff. I was concerned about her not gaining weight until I sat back one day and realized that she does not walk anywhere, she RUNS EVERYWHERE lol!! I am sure that we would not gain so much as we sometimes do if we ran everywhere as well haha

If you are worried though, there is never any harm in taking him to the doctor. And if nothing is wrong, that is great, and at least then it will set your mind at ease.

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My son is the fussiest eater I have ever seen out side of additional needs kids!

He won't eat food if it's placed the wrong way, or if it breaks, and he won't taste anything! He is three. It drives me nuts. We give him a multi-vitamin everyday to try to suppliment this. It does work, because it can also help to increase their appitie etc and encourge them to eat more (even if they don't try more).

If you don't think he has grown I would take him for the check up. Talk to the dr about his growth and eating. They should beable to see where he should be, and if there is any cause for concern.

Also kids grow slower as they get older, they still have growth spurts, but it does slow down.

I am also very short 5'0 so I never expected my kids to be talk either, it could just be that your son will be shorter then average, never stopped me!

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