My son is almost two and I have not slept through a single night since his birth - and that excludes pregnancy. Please help a mommy out!.

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I am usually on hyper alert and have not been able to ignore my son fussing, crying or calling out. I still offer breast milk ( very little ) to appease him and give him almond milk or organic formula when he demands baba. I know I made many mistakes in regards to enjoying sleep again. My husband sleeps in another room, and has for a long time now. He did not get up to help when we were sleeping in the same bed and I have come to accept this. He works from home and uses $$$ and no boobs as his way out of stepping up. On the few occasions when he has tried to help, our son cries for me. I am very jealous of moms with babies that sleep through the night. He is still napping around two hours a day. I put him to sleep around 8PM. He wakes up around 7AM. It varies one or two hours some nights. Please, help direct me! :( - ;) I need deep sleep.


Kristin - posted on 06/04/2013




Oh my goodness, that's a long time. And he's plenty old enough to be sleeping through the night. This may sound funny, but watch a couple episodes of Super Nanny and try her bedtime techniques. Your son really doesn't need anything from you in the middle of the night, so you may have to make some changes so that you don't hear him for awhile (getting him OUT of your bedroom if he isn't, or closing doors between you if he already is). You've made it a little hard on yourself, but you can do it! It will be better for him and MUCH better for you.

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