my son is becoming obsessed with candy....

Clarrice - posted on 04/02/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




when my son was younger we made it a rule not to give him candy other then maybe 100% fruit snack but mostly dried fruit ( cranberries, apricot, raisins, etc) which he really loved. One day some brave soul in our family decided that they wanted to give him candy (even though we said not to) when we weren't in sight or home, now he can't get enough of it. if i tell him no, he will ask someone else and ofcourse they give him knowing that we'll say no or now he will even look for it and take it without anyone knowing. I really want to stop this obsession before its way out of hand, as well as him seeking and taking it (he is what we call "stealing" cuz trust me, he knows it's not his when he takes it). I really need to get him to STOP the stealing and really slow down on the candy eating....


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We have a treats basket and my kids get 1 thing a day out of it, after they have eaten there lunch. so i can regulate how much they eat (the basket is way out of reach)

there is all sorts in there not just sweets but peanuts and dried fruit ect and they can choose. I only buy a set number of thing a month and they must decide if they want to eat all the sweets at the beginning of the month or mix it up so they can have some left at the end too.

I think as long as you keep it off limits totally you wont stop the obsession just make it more inciting, teaching him how to moderate his sweet intake may be a better long team solution.

good luck


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Did you find a solution that worked for him/you? We've had this problem for a long time, to the point i'm ready to give him candy breakfast, lunch, dinner until it makes him sick. Would love to know what yoy did since i see your post was years ago. TIA

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We don't really keep sweets at home and give them only as a treat occasionally. If you take something nice away completely good chances are that he'll want it even more. So try to give him something small every now and then but also teach him that too much is bad for his teeth! Find pictures of rotten teeth and show it to him. My son is 6 now and when he heard that his 10-year old step-brother had his tooth pulled out he immediately said that it's because of too many sweets!

I'm not sure what you can do about the adults - it is extremely rude to interrupt in this way and unfortunately you can't change them!!

Good luck.

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