My son is drooling uncontrollably is soaking his bibs has rash on face any suggestions?


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I know someone whose son was drooling a lot and we thought he was teething, and it turned out to be a sinus infection... just something to consider, just in case.

Shayna - posted on 09/16/2009




Definitely don't use anything with any kind of perfumes in it. A damp cloth would be best to do the clean up, and a all natural moisturizer will help with keeping him from getting chapped skin.

Jodie - posted on 09/12/2009




my dr told me when my son was getting a rash from drooling to put vaseline on it keeps it moist but keeps it from spreading all over his neck and chin my son doesnt drool a lot anymore but my nefew does and theres really nothing u can do for it or about it

Lisa - posted on 09/12/2009




i read that a damp flannel give the little one something soft to chew on and it relieves pain... my baby strated teething when she was 6 weeks old the other thing that helps her as she rejects dummys is calpol...

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Probably teething, and the rash is from all the drool more than likely. My little girl got the same. And only four teeth to show for it!

Anna - posted on 09/12/2009




Teething makes them drool pretty bad. Is the rash on his face from the moisture from the drool? If so, it helps to gently wipe it with a damp cloth, pat dry and then apply a gentle barrier cream like bepanthen which is made of almond oil and vitamin B5 to help healing. Some medications also cause drooling - is he on anything?

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