my son is still wakeing up

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my son is almost 13 months and he is still waking up in the night. i have tryed keeping him awake till late and also giving him a bit of food just befor bed and also milk but he still wakes up. anyone got any ideas i can try to get him to sleep all night


Julz - posted on 09/05/2009




I am in the same boat as you, but my son is 18 months and what we call a milkaholic.

In regards to him every night is different, but I now go in there and say in a deep firm voice "its time for bed Jesse, Goodnight buddy". Sounds silly but he knows - ok mums not gonna play and I am not going to get attention.

I also ignore him a lot (unless his really upset) and I was so suprised at how often he now puts himself back to sleep - because he doesn;t expect me to come in anymore.

With my son, our main problem is he doesn't eat much but wants bottles overnight. I was advised by my Maternal Health Nurse to give him half water/half milk and decrease the milk over the week - this means he THINKS his getting milk (because he won't take just water overnight) but by morning he is STRAVING because he hasn't had as much milk - so he eats more and then sleeps better the next night due to all the food his eaten during that day.

Its not easy is it Kristie? To still be a zombie at 13months or 18 months.

But good luck and definally take him to your nurse for ideas to work with your individual son


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