my son just dnt listen?help


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Amanda - posted on 06/24/2009




The second he starts his tantrums or does something he is not supposed to do, put him in the corner for time out. A min. for each year. Be persistant with it and trust me it works. Spankings don't work at all, it only makes them more angry then they were and they get worse. After his time out is over go to him gently and explain why you put him in the corner, that it's a naughty thing he did and that you still love him. He will eventually catch on and stop all the tantrums. I promise this works!!! I hope this helps.

User - posted on 06/24/2009




go down to his level and talk not yell and if he thoughs tantrums give him a big hug if he kicks and sceams dont let go and after 30 sec to a min just let go and walk away thats showing you love him but you are trying to listen but not alowing him to continue that it wont work right away but it will in the long run so just breath and dont fustrated

Shannon - posted on 06/24/2009




Try timeout, (a minute for each year) if that doesn't work try throwing toys away or taking away privileges such as candy or tv, if that doesn't work spank him on his bottom, if you believe in that. not too hard but hard enough to get his attention or at least hurt his feelings. Some mom's say that crying works by making the child feel bad... idk tho. I use spanking on my 3 year old step son as a last resort unless he does something really bad. - but it works

PAIGE - posted on 06/24/2009




bust his little hiney!! dont let them out do you now or it will be bad bad bad later! you have to show them who's boss! i have 2 step kids and i put my foot down in the beginning and they now respect me more than they do their own parents!!

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