My Son WAS potty trained, but now won't poop in potty OR diaper! HELP!

Barbara - posted on 07/23/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 3&1/2 and was fairly easy to potty train. i started a few months after he turned three and it went just fine! we had the normal amount of accidents and trial and error that would expect when potty training. however, about a month ago i caught him peeing in his closet! i think it was because he was afriad to go to the bathroom during naps/ night time. well we fixed that by putty the little potty in his room during those times. about the same time he also stopped wanting to poop. i mean he doesn't want to go in any potty OR in his diaper. i'm getting really concerned because he is starting to get red rash on his butt-hole from first holding poop in, and then a lil bit of it getting stuck on his butt. i have tried rewarding him for going in the potty, and sternly telling him it is not ok to go in his underpants. i have also tried to explain that if he would just poop in the potty or in his diaper that his butt won't hurt. ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Jessibell - posted on 08/03/2013




Underwear only, do NOT use diapers whatsoever. Don't buy them or have them present in your home.

Having fecal matter in your underwear is an uncomfortable and disgusting feeling that he will sooner or later wish to prevent. (By using a toilet.)

Set a timer on your phone so that every half hour you place him on the toilet to try. Put some cool new books in the bathroom so he spends a little time on the potty.

Our son got a stern talking to every time he pooped in his underwear and we showed him the poop in his underwear. We explained to him that he has to poop while sitting on the potty as only babies wear diapers.

Books and movies about potty training may also assist in his wanting to be independent.

I am severely anti-pullups as they are just diapers, that is all. Undies only, no pullups :P

Also, consult with a doctor to ensure there are no health issues that could be interfering with normal bowel movements. A change in diet may be necessary.

LeeAnn T - posted on 07/24/2013




I would like to say that my daughter who is now 22 had this same issue when she was young... it was awful she used to sit down real quick to try to hold in her poop - peed on the toilet but would not go #2. I brought her to the dr and it is a concern as the longer they hold their poop it becomes impacted and creates pockets in the canal so to speak... i was told to give her mineral oil so she would have no choice but to let it slide out and wouldn't be able to hold it. The Dr said sometimes kids think that its something coming out of their bodies that shouldn't and get scared- well it took about a month or two till she was going on her own again but it was awful i would have to have her sit on the toilet to try to make her go and she would cry , i would cry it was not fun. But good luck and talk with your dr definately, this was 20 years ago so maybe there are other alternatives.

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