my son will be 8months on the 3rd of dec and he cant sit up and have no teeth

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Every time we try to get him to sit up he arches his back so he falls back or he starts windging, also he doesnt like going on his stomach or layin down even if u try and play with him, all he does is windge or cry cause he wants to stand up and bounce all the time, is this normal?, im starting to worry that his never gunna do it as i have ppl saying my little one was doing this and that by 6months and stuff like that. Also he has no teeth, his been dribberling loads since 3month but no sign of any.


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Hey Melody- I am a parent educator and we evaluate children on their developmental milestones as well as a bunch of other stuff. Your son not having any teeth is normal. Some children (including my own) don't get their first teeth until after they're 1 year old. The fact that he cannot sit up and arches his back like you say is a bit more worrisome. I would bring up these concerns wth your pediatrician at your next visit. Also, an easy trick for building tummy time in during the day is to give your baby a minute or two of tummy time after each diaper change- it really adds up. Another fun way to play with baby and help strengthen those tummy muscles is to sit on the floor and put baby between your legs with his back against your belly- put some toys on the floor around him and help him with supported sitting. Is there a parent edcation program in your area that could help you learn some fun ways to promote his development?

Hope this helps!

Liz - posted on 11/25/2012




My third son didn't sit up unassisted until 9 months, and my oldest didn't get his first tooth until 10 months. The doctor thought he was going to cut teeth early as he was drooling TONS at 3 months old. But, turned out he was a very slow teether. Didn't get his second tooth until 2.5 months after the first. If he wants to stand up, then let him! Just make sure to give him opportunities to try sitting and lying on his back/tummy. Let him get a little frustrated - maybe it will motivate him to try harder :)

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