My son wont eat his cereal with milk or drink plain cold milk


Jennifer - posted on 05/27/2009




You could also try string cheese if he eats cheese, My daughter is the same way she cants stand milk, but her pediatrician said if she will eat cheese, and yogart then she will be fine, as long as she gets her calcium


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Tamika - posted on 06/19/2009




Try dry cereal with a warm cup of milk and sugar or cold or warm cup of ovaltine. My oldest is 8 and my youngest is 2. The 2 year old does not like to drink milk but loves in his cereal. The oldest is the same way, when he was his brothers age he was the oposite though. I went through 2 gallons of milk a week with him. 5 is a fun age, when my son was 5 we had eat phases. He ate homemade mac and cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 21 days straight. At 6 the green phase, he ate nothing green except for brocoli because the looked like little trees.The older they get the "fun" you will have, pick your battles. As long as what he eats is nutritious let him eat what he wants to eat. At age 8 my son has become a very picky eater.

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my son drinks milk like crazy but hates it in his cereal but loves dry cereal...anything like your son? Oh yeah, mines 5 too..I think they're just difficult at this age! Haha.

Sara - posted on 06/18/2009




My youngest two won't drink plain milk. They have to have either chocolate or strawberry. The youngest won't eat until he's been awake for a few hours so I get him the carnation instant breakfast. He drinks 2 or 3 cups of that and I know that he's getting the nutrients he needs until he's ready to eat.

Vee - posted on 06/18/2009




lol Well he gets enough calcium and he will drink it from a cup so yea i guess hes fine i just thought it was weird being that i cant just sit there and eat plain cereal.

Minnie - posted on 05/27/2009




Mmmm...if it's cow's milk you're referring to, he does not need it. He can get the fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals from other sources. We are not cows.

Valencia - posted on 05/27/2009




If he's old enough you could try soy milk, and if he doesn't like that then just replace his calcium with kids vitamins designed with extra calcium. Usually kids love milk but hey, just goes to show how different they all are. I know a kid who won't drink anything else but milk and all he wants is yogurt. But he gets constipated from it....does your son like yogurt?

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