My sons Behavior lately

Valerie - posted on 08/13/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is going to be 4 next month. He used to go to day care and they would tell me he was perfect no tantrums no hitting..ext.... But I lost my job so now we are both at home and everything is a fight from not watching tv, If I tell him he cant have a certain non healthy food he screams crys and throws himself to the floor. Also we live with my sister in law who has a 7 omnth old and I now watch him because i am home. I think that is having a effect on my son but he has not done this any other time in the 7 months since the baby was born. If any body has some suggestions it would be a great help. I just dont know what to do short of getting really strickt where I wont let him out of his room


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Rhiannon - posted on 08/15/2009




be consistant. whatever it is. if you punish him for something one time, dont let it slide the next. let him no you are the mommy and you make the rules he will follow. TIME OUT. i have two 4year olds and they are both testy. we made a list of things that they will do time out for and put it on the fridge so they know what they will be in trouble for. whatever you do, never stop reminding him of how much you love him and how important he is to you.even if there is another child in the picture!

Ashley - posted on 08/13/2009




Sounds like he's testing you with what you will let him get away with. He may also be a little jealous with the baby. He may have not shown any jealousy up until now but you didn't stay home then either. He didn't have to compete with the kids at the day care as he does with the baby over you. He is 4 so you should let him know that him acting that way is not appropriate and he will be punished. He knows better. You may have to bring yourself to becoming really strict to let him know that you're the boss and are not going to stand for it. Life is boring when you're in trouble all the time and you can let him know that life will not be fun if he continues to act this way!

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