my two sons have been bullied for the last 3 years,today they got suspended for protecting each othe

Natalie Sherree - posted on 05/13/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




my 2 sons have been bullied for 3 years,nothing gets done yesterday i called the department of education today my kids were suspended for protecting each other,is their anything else i can do im very worried.


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Laura - posted on 02/05/2013




Time to call a lawyer. Bullying is illegal and if the school wont do anything about it, you will have to take care of it another way. Good luck to you, its a rough road, but worth it to know your children have peace of mind.

Holly - posted on 03/15/2011




My kids were bullied. Now that I have a published book, I have quit teaching, and I work on teaching anti bullying skills. THERE IS LOTS YOU CAN DO.
First your sons getting suspended is worth it. There are lots of times that physical defense stops the bullying because they are not easy targets.
Talk to the school. Find out what they are doing to the other students involved. If they think they are blameless, or have nothing on which to base punishment tell him you will be keeping a daily record and will mail information to him. Mailing it is powerful. Schools are often required to file letters mailed to them. Thus you create an official record. Tell the principal that you expect the school to look into your reports of the other kids bullying your child. They should also get the school counselor involved in talking to all the kids involved, and doing a lesson in your son's classroom about bullying.
More positive things you can do. Help your son's develop friends at school. Suggest to them to invite kids over to play a popular video/computer game. (Rent the newest one) Invite friends to go to the movie, or paintballing, hiking, boating, etc with you. Offering inticing activities may be expensive at first but once a relationship is developed you can ease off doing that so much or perhaps the invited child will come with money to pay his own way. Friends are key. Get the kids coming to your house for fun. Let them make cookies, brownies, pizza. Aet your son's involved in social groups like bowling, or karate, or art class etc. They will broaden their social circle. Have them invite kids they like from those activities over too. Get them emailing friends (use proper security doing this) and calling friends. These are social skills that gain us friends, and maintain the relationships. Good luck. I would love to hear how you do. I invite you to friend me on facebook

Schyla - posted on 05/13/2010




Oh my I defiantly agree call a lawyer and the police your children should not be punished for protecting themselves that is so backwards I cannot for the life of me understand why this is being allowed

Amber - posted on 05/13/2010




tell the principal you want a meeting scheduled with the parents of child who is being the bully and well as the children. make it clear that if that does not happen you will be taking legal action against the school for not doing their job to help protect the kids.
a simalr situation happened to a friend of mine and her son. she told the school what was going on and requested a meeting to be set up. the school refused so she took them to court and won her case.

Ashley - posted on 05/13/2010




call the police get them involved ... thats all you can do ... when i was in highschool i was bullied we went to the school talked to the teachers the principal everything i ended up switching schools... my husband just before we started dating we went toschool together and he was jumped on his way home from school police were involved and he never had a problem after but the school did nothing to the people who did it because it was off school property we were 20 feet away from the school .. and now just last week a boy killed himself here where i live because him and my cousin where bullied so much by the same people the school did nothing and now that a boys life is lost the school is telling these children they arent aloud to talk about what happened or about the lost of their friend in order to protect those involved i.e the bullies the only advice i have for you is call the police get them as involved as you can if they dont do something the first time call them again and again and talk to your children all the time bulling is a crime whether or not people see it that way good luck to you

Michelle - posted on 05/13/2010




Don't really know how to help. I heard a saying thou "Be Brave be Bold a Teacher must be told' Sadly thou it seems that when they try to "fight back' they are the ones who get caught and into trouble. Getting in a speaker about bullies sounds great.

Rebecca - posted on 05/13/2010




Have you gone and personally talk to the teachers? they should be looking out for this type of thing! this makes me so mad that teachers don't do this. How old are your sons?

Maybe a sit down with the parents of the kids bullying them would do the trick...or it might make it worse...freg i hate bullies. The thing is, bullying stems from another part of their life, the kids who pick on others are probably abused at home and use this as a defense so they don't get picked on at school too. Maybe suggest to the school board to have an educational speaker come in and talk about bullying.

I hope it gets better for your sons, it's such a shame that this still goes on in today's society.

Good luck

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