My younger son 8 months old DOES NOT let me out of his sight EVEN FOR A MINUTE.

Amrita - posted on 01/26/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I know a lot of us go through this, but I'm wondering how can this happen? My elder son who will be 3 in feb, was NEVER so clingy. My younger son is very different. He just does not let me go anywhere out of his sight. also a lot of times, he demands to pick him up. HE CAN CRY FOREVER. I used that trick today. I was just outside the room but out of his sight. His elder brother was right besides him but he still cried for 50 mins, (no tears, just making noises) sounded as if he is crying. When i went inside, he was sleeping where his brother was sleeping originally, and my elder one poor thing was sleeping in a sitting position in a corner trying to be little more comfortable, and my little one nicely took up all his space. And when i pick him up, he heaves a sigh lol (that made me laugh). It was funny but i felt bad for my elder son.
I am a single mum so he does not see anyone else around but me and his brother. But still, i am just wondering if am i spoiling him by letting him be in from of me? I don t fulfil his demands every time of picking up, but i can't let him cry for long too. Am i spoiling him? Why did me elder one NEVER do this?
I really like the attention he gives me too frankly, but it physically becomes impossible to do everything at once with him crying, giving background music. lol. Plz mums, any suggestions :) ?


Chet - posted on 01/26/2014




This is very normal. Not all babies do it, but many do. Honestly, the best thing is to provide your son with as much security as you can. Wearing him in carrier on your back can help a lot if you need to get things done. You're not spoiling him.

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