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How old was your child when they went from 2 naps down to 1? My daughter isn't sleeping well and I am curious if she only needs one nap?


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Don't forget that not sleeping well can come from not enough sleep, too. I know that if my son has his nap schedule messed with, or gets to bed too late more than one night (all it takes is one missed nap, or two late nights), he starts having trouble getting to sleep, and noticeably more restless sleeps until we've been able to get him back on track for a few days in a row. My sister went through that too. It very slowly added up until her son's second nap was shorter and he was waking earlier and earlier each morning. It seemed like he was showing that he didn't need the second nap, but when she took it out, he was horribly grumpy. It turned out he was actually overtired and needed more sleep, not less.

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I work at a daycare and I'm in the infant room with children 6 weeks to 18 months we start one nap a day after they are One year, so we can just start transitioning them because when they move up to the other rooms those children are only on one nap a day as well..makes it easier for us...

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I have 2 children. Both were down to 1 nap by 18months for the very reason you have listed...sleeping or rather the lack of it. I think all children(I bet you've never heard this before) are different...and if you are putting the little one down for 2 naps during the day but then having difficulty with her sleeping through the night then attempt a few days with only 1 nap and see if it helps...or of course she could be teething or going through a growth spurt and thats why she'd not sleeping well. I think you'll know within a few days if she'd ready for 1 nap by her behavior...if she's a total crazy monster that you have trouble claiming ...I say go back to 2 she seems to do well then problem solved!

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