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My one year old daughter has just decided not to take naps any more. She is very cranky so I know she still needs naps. Any help on how to get her back on a napping schedule?"


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Tara - posted on 10/26/2009




i have a 2yr old and she is just the same one day she will have a nap and other days she wont sometimes it depends on what they have been doin in the morning. i find if my little one has a really busy morning playing and running around then she will go for a nap shortly after lunch but if she has a calmer morning then there is no chance. i try to get her to lay down same time every day sometimes its just hit and miss. if your little one is ratty without a sleep then more than likely she does need one but dont try to hard it may just stress u and ur little one out

Julie - posted on 10/26/2009




My son, also a year old, is doing the same thing. Just this weekend, my husband and I discovered that if we turn on his nebulizer while we rock him, he drops off and sleeps like a rock. It almost seemed like magic. You could get the same type of noise using a white noise machine, or maybe even just an electric fan running by the crib. Once he was asleep, we were able to turn the nebulizer off and lay him in his crib, and he slept for about an hour both times we tried it.

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my little one did that to me too i found that if he didnt nap it was good because he would sleep for 12 hours at one time afer a year i think the nap thing went away completly so that leaves 4 hours of mommy time at least and i found him more rested instead of having to take a nap go to bed later and later than u find ur self waking them up in the morning so they dont stay up late again with that age is where the sleep difficulty really kicked in for my son thats why i wouldnt bother but if the baby really needs a nap u will know it to relieve the headache of the over tierd crying put the baby in the car drive around the block a couple and sneak them back in there bed.

Krystal - posted on 10/26/2009




My daughter likes to do this every now and then. Shes only 10 months old. She fights it so hard sometimes I have cuddle her even though she fights it. She does fall asleep eventually. She is getting better now. I have to make sure her older brother is down for a nap first otherwise she wont lay down. Have you tried letting her cry it out. Sometimes kids cry for awhile and then just eventually give up and fall asleep. Self Soothing.. Make sure to try and get her down for naps the same time every day too. That helps alot

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