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Brittany - posted on 12/18/2013 ( 8 moms have responded )




So I just got married a month ago, and my husband and I waited to have sex until we got married. I don't believe in putting unnatural things in my body to prevent a pregnancy, so we decided just to use condoms... However, we don't actually use them, because my husband says he can't feel anything with it on. So we've just been doing the pull-out method.. does anybody know the stats of this method? or other natural method's? we're only 25 so we're wanting to wait just a couple of years until we do decide to get pregnant, however there is a possibility that I could be pregnant right now. I've been super tired, my back hurts, having nausea, headaches, and although my breasts aren't sore they are bigger... I should have started my period yesterday.. thoughts?


Savanah Elyse - posted on 12/18/2013




The only natural birth control is not having sex. Maybe try the new condoms called bare skin or snake skin... there a little better. If you think your pregnant go too the doctor soon and get tested, but if its just one day you could get your period maybe tomrro later today, sometimes you don't get you period on your ext day because of stress maybe stressing that you could be pregnant? Those are pregnant symptoms but those are also symptoms of a lot of other things, like stress not getting enough sleep or your just sick.... They have these pregnancy test called first response I think to test before your first missed period or something like that so maybe get that?

I can tell you from experience pull out method is not going too work, guys have this thing called pre ejaculation where even if they haven't came yet they actually do a little bit, and that is enough too get pregnant I was engaged for a couple years and we used condoms than birth control than I stop cuss we was going to use that pull out method well about four months later I was pregnant I have a two year old daughter now so I know that doesn't work, Its scientifically proven. I don't have stats but I have about me and about a group of 10 friends we are all young mothers used at pull out method so don't think it works too well. I know you where probably looking for a different answer, but just thought id share my experience with that method. Wish you well though, good luck

Hannah - posted on 12/19/2013




If used perfectly (meaning your husband ALWAYS pulled out before ejaculation and you did not get any ejaculate on or near your vulva) withdrawal is 96% effective. The reason so many people get pregnant using it is because they don't use it well. While pre-ejaculate can have some sperm in it, for a lot of men it doesn't and generally it is in such a low concentration that you can't get pregnant from it. Hence the 96% effectiveness. Not wonderful, but not terrible, either.

Read up on the sympto-thermal method of fertility awareness, it's over 99% effective and totally natural.
It is NOT the rhythm method, but is based on checking your fertility signs.

I doubt you would have those symptoms that early in pregnancy, but it's possible. It just sounds like normal pre-menstrual time to me.


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Only1Chance - posted on 12/24/2013




1st OFF WOW CONGRATULATIONS ON YOU TWO WAITING TO HAVE SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE. I DONT KNOW YOU AND WILL NEVER MEET YOU BUT IM SOO PROUD OF YOU!!! & ANYONE ELSE WHO WAITED READING THIS. I regretfully didnt wait had a very rebellious time during my teen years & let me tell you you didnt miss a thing giirrrll!!! If more pple waited less STDS, heartache, marriage problems..the list goes on. Anyway... well the pull out method does not work thats how I got my daughter but you know what I don't regret it one bit im soooo THANKFUL TO GOD FOR BLESSING ME WITH ANOTHER CHILD...I already had a son and wasn't sure if I wanted more kids due to the circumstances that I was in. Basically husband was not helping I felt overwhelmed as if I was a single mother. Anyway sense having my daughter by Gods Wonderful Grace my husband has come around A LOT. Hes a great dad & I wouldn't trade him for no other man even though hes not perfect but hes trying. (And he will probably say the same thing about me!! Especially the whole perfect thing lol! Anyway I had my first at age 20!! And honestly I loved it soooo much being a mother, I honestly felt like I wish I could of had my kids sooner! Its hard dont get me wrong! But its the most rewarding!! I wouldn't trade being a MOTHER, NOT FOR ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD (or alone time lol). A true blessing is a child not money! If anything money can be a more of a curse.. if it leads you astray from God. May God Bless you and your husband!! Merry Christmas!!!

Shaun - posted on 12/24/2013




I agree with that too, I experienced the pull out method and ended up pregnant also. Later found out he had already ejaculated several times before he pulled out. I should have used a back up, but didn't. I now have a 10 yr old son that's a blessing.

Danicia - posted on 12/23/2013




we used the pull out method for 4 years without took us 4 months of actively trying to conceive our daughter. I will warn you guys NOT to try pulling out then going back in- that's how our son was conceived (my hubs says that after the first ejaculation he can't tell if he cums a second time or not, he has no control over it after the first one). being that we have one of each and this momma is done with pregnancy, we are looking into better backups to the pull out method, mostly for the sake of mental sanity on my part lol. we are going to try those new "bare skin" condoms (hubs complains about loss of sensation with condoms also) and i'm looking into something like mirena. I have heard that there are nonhormonal birth control pills and things of the like. talk with your doc about what all is out on the market to be better informed of your options

Michelle - posted on 12/20/2013




Why not try a diaphragm? That's not hormonal and it's a lot more reliable than the pull out method if used correctly.

Brittany - posted on 12/18/2013




Thanks for your reply.. Sorry I should have been more specific... I meant any birth control that alters your hormones, or causes any changes in your body..

Jodi - posted on 12/18/2013




LOL, you don't believe in putting unnatural things into your body, and yet you are happy to insert a latex condom into your body.

Anyhoo......the withdrawal method is notoriously unreliable unless also combined with the rhythm method (even more notoriously unreliable). Together they are still unreliable, but maybe not as much so.

In answer to are you pregnant now? You could very well be.

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