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Natalie - posted on 06/17/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




Is anybody planning on delivering naturally or has anybody already done it? I've been looking into it a lot, just curious to know what different birth plans there are. Thanks!


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Jamie - posted on 06/18/2009




I wanted natural and then my first pregnancy which was in 2006 turned out I was pregnant with twins, and the whole idea of doing it vaginally without pain meds.... lets just say that didn't sound to appealing. So, in the end I gave birth naturally, with pain meds and I loved it didn't feel no pain. Then my third which was born in 2008 of december, I was progressing too quickly, so I never got one.... But, I can't say I am like the others and say I particularly enjoyed it. Just remember once the baby is out those contractions stop. Follow your gut to, don't try to be super women if you are in tons of pain, go for as long as you can and like someone else said dont' feel like a failure if you don't make it with out meds.

Michelle - posted on 06/18/2009




i have both times and both times i was induced which i've heard makes labor harder

Danica - posted on 06/18/2009




I took the bradley method birthing class and it was sooo great.....however, wheni got in the delivery room it was a different story! I didnt get an epidural but i did have a little demeral. I say, do what you can. plan for a natural but dont feel like a failure if you cant go thru with it. everyone goes thru labor differently. just try your best to stay calm and emember your doing this all for the presence of another huming being! that in itself is an amazing experience!

Lois - posted on 06/18/2009




I am prego with my first and i am seriously considering going natural. I am gonna go as long as i feel i can without any meds. If i feel i cant do it i will take something. I am finding that there are alot more people going naturally now a days.

Kate CP - posted on 06/18/2009




I had a pain med free birth and I loved it. The next time around I plan on delivering at home. :)

Cynthia - posted on 06/18/2009




i am planning on delivering naturally :) its very important to me. i juts hope that everyhting will go well

Rebecca - posted on 06/18/2009




I've had three natural births, all out of hospital, our most recent one born at home. I feel that this is what I needed to do, I know that it's not for everyone, but it is definately for me. The pain is not enjoyable by any means but it is bearable, you just need to mentally be in the right place to be able to handle it. My first child I mentally prepared better for than my second, I just kept thinking, worst pain ever and I got through his birth just fine and it was 12 hours with back labor and he was a big boy 8 lbs 12 oz. For his sister I didn't prepare as well, she was not in a posterior position so I didn;t think I would have back labor, but she flipped and I did, so I asked for help, but drugs were unavailable since I was not at a hospital. With my third I was totally prepared for a natural home birth and I couldn't have asked for an easier time of it. I only had 2 hours of labor and two pushes and he was delivered incredibly easily. I even said immediately after that we could do that again anytime. I think this is one of the most personal choices you can make, but talk to as many people about their birth experiences as possible and see what is right for you. Just remember that you will hear horror stories from everyone and you just have to take it with a grain of salt. Good luck!!

Amber - posted on 06/17/2009




I had planned on having my delivery as natural as possible. I wanted it so badly, but instead I had problems with pre-eclampsia and my baby stopped growing and I had to be induced then eventually I had to have an emergency c-section talk about the most unnatural birth ever. I was disappointed, but at least my baby is here and healthy. My sister in law had a baby 6 weeks after me and did it all naturally she spent most of the time in the tub. I was so jealous

Katie - posted on 06/17/2009




I had my first child completely natural.I went into labor on my own and delivered with no meds(not by my choice).I had a quick labor and was fully dilated when I made it to the maternity ward.

I never wanted a natural birth in fear of all the pain but I am extremely happy I did.It may have been the worst thing I ever felt while pushing(or so I felt) but afterwards I was amazed what I had accomplished and felt wonderful.

With my 2nd child I had to have a c-section because she was breeched and wouldn't turn.I would take a natural birth over any other type of birth now, knowing that the feel of having a baby with nothing to ease my pain is wonderful!

Kristina - posted on 06/17/2009




I agree with Candis. If you ever want to feel like superwoman, have a natural birth. Aferwards you will want to leave the hospital immediately and go pick up a car or something. It's crazy! You feel everything but in a good way. It makes you realize what your body is capable of doing! Once the baby's head starts to crown, everything naturally goes numb down there anyway so you can't feel anything. The best part of my birth? I was able to pull my son out by grabbing underneith his arms and FELT HIS WHOLE BODY come out while he stared at me wide awake and alert. OMG! I would never trade that exeperience for anything in this world.

The trick is to let your body do it's natural thing. Your body is in control and is pushing the baby out on it's own while you are pushing as well. The hardest part for me was to submit to this other being controlling my body. A heat pack on my lower back controlled my pain instantly. That and sqauting. I only had a 5 hr labor. I wouldn't know how to give advice for labor longer then that so good luck! :)

Candis - posted on 06/17/2009




I had a natural delivery. It was an amazing and empowering experience. Getting close to my due date I just told myself that I would take things one contraction at a time, that I wouldn't be too hard on myself if I ended up needing pain medication but that I was strong and could do it without.

When I was in labor I took a lot of baths, I found rocking my hips back and forth helped with the contraction and so did breathing and moaning. I had people rubbing my back the whole time. I just tried to concentrate on the contraction that was happening at the time, not how long I had be in labor or the next contraction to come. I also thought about my baby and how every pain I had would bring me that much closer to meeting him.

As much as it was painful and tiring it was empowering to know that I could accomplish this, having a baby is a lot of work and women need to be proud of what our bodies are capable of doing.

Good luck with everything! Just have an open mind!

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