nearly 8months and eating grown up food!?!

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My baby girl is nearly 8months and loves finger foods and food that has been mashed up with a fork!She has gone of her jar food and started drinking 2oz more milk....I was just wondering if she's the only baby so far ahead of herslef or if its normal??? She has no teeth yet but theres one on its way lol but she gums everything but shuts her mouth and refuses to have lumpy jared food??? Oh and its really hard to figure out if she had enough...


Charlie - posted on 06/15/2009




my midwife that i visit fortnightly for check ups recommends you give your child finger foods , on the list is things like sandwiches , cut up fruit , yogurt , even lamb cutlets and my 7 month old has been eating all those things for a month now , as long as it is not small enough to choke on , she also recommended not feeding them honey , egg whites or nuts for allergy reasons but you can find this chart im sure on the internet .

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Just follow her lead - she'll stop eating when she's full. As for eating grown up foods, lots of people skip the jarred foods altogether and go right to table foods - it is called "baby-led weaning".

We started on mostly table foods when my son started solids at 6 months (though he does eat purees occasionally). He loves feeding himself toast, cooked vegetables. soft fruits, etc. As for using utensils, he's 9 months now, and though he loves to grab the spoon and chew on it, but he's still not very good at using the spoon to feed himself


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Just keep having a spoon available for the baby to play with, in a few months she will get it to her mouth; my 13 month old can now feed herself oatmeal (or other sticky things) with a spoon.

You're doing great, don't worry! (Oh, and my baby always "tells" me she's done when she starts throwing her food on the floor! :)

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We let our little guy start eating with a spoon when he started grabbing for has worked out quite well :) I concur with everything everyone else has said...every little one is different and what your little one is completely normal for guy has always been a pretty big eater and really enjoys real food. It is amazing how well your little one can eat without any teeth...those gums are stronger than I think some give them credit for! :)

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my bubs was eatting normal food at 3 mths, she was on cows milk at 4 mths

it is up to the child

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thats fine! my daughters dietitian always told us its better for babies to have our food from the start as long as its pureed. jarred food should only be used if absolutely necessary although i confess we used it every day for a while. the finger foods is good when she gets teeth it will be alot easier for to to eat things like crackers and fruit bars and rusks. do you give her toast, boiled vegies, sliced cheese , scrambled eggs, mashed potato with vegies things like that? its something to try anyway if she hasnt already. if you wants to feed herself that is fine to. our daughter stopped spoon feeding with us when she was 11 months now she will only do it if she can hold the spoon herself but doesnt get much down

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she has a sippy cup and loves it but i use it for juice. when do you teach them to eat with a fork coz she wants to grab the spoon and do it herself???

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My son was eating like that at 6 months. If they want it and it doesnt make them sick, give it to her. I stoped the bottle at 8 months n put him on a sippy cup. All kids go at there own pace.

Chantal - posted on 06/15/2009




yes and she said that caitlyn is doing well and not to stop her if she wanted it and just to reduce the suger and salt i put in my food...she started eating bread (toast, marmite sandwiches) when she was 6months old and i started weaning her at 3months old because she had 6oz 15bottles a day of hungrier baby formula!!! she loves her food as long as she can feed herself otherwise she'll trow a wobbly grab the spoon and chuck it!!!

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Its completely normal and just remember every baby is different and reaches different milestones at different times. As for when she's full she will let you know when she has had enough, so just feed her till she says she cues Ive had enough.

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