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I am 30 and expecting my first one but I am not very excited about it may be becoz it was an unplanned pregancy and we both decided to go ahead with it as we thought its not right to go for abortion.I know being a mom is a blessing but since my hubby works full time I dont want to be a stay at home mom .Sometimes I think women have to give up a lot in there lives then men and till recently my thoughts have grown so soild that in each and every argument I have with my hubby i ust say ohh you have more rights than me .. I know this is insane but what should I do to improve on myself thats the biggest hindrance I am having .....


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o:) i just winter to say I have winter to be à mom since I was à little girl I was always first in lien to hold the baby . But I waited I waited to find the right guy and five years ago I was incredibly ucky and I met the man of my dreams it sourds silly but its true so We spent four years getting to know eachother and just enjoy being à couple We both knew We wanted à family so We spent à great deal of.time talking about how We waited to taise out children the kinds of values We Wang to instill and that sort of thing. Then à year ago We decided We were ready and started trying well not really trying Im pretty sure i gotpregnant on the first try lol and as much as Ive always longerd to be à mom I suddenly felt uncertain and terrified and my while.pregnancy EVERY once in a while i would feel my sweet little.son kick or wiggle and I would feel à sudden twinge of fear. But I spent as much time as I could thinking about what is truly important to me in life and what i love. Even small things like walking on the first Nice sunny day in spring, rating cie (sorry my phone is bring crazy) eating ice cream in the gaebo in the park, all the little things you do everyday that make you happy and thinking how amazing it will be to see my son experience chose things . And the fact that you have à chance to watch your child experience chose things is soooo awesome like truly awe inspiring. I was able to be here with my when he smiled the first time , when he started noticing pictures in the books ive been reading him since he was born . My husband works full time and he wishes very much he could be here and even though he and Thoren have bonded out bond is much stronger because Im here with him 27/7 and evej though i have been tired and attatched to this little baby almost constantes for the first monyh and à half i wouldnt give up a single moment. I think when you are pregnant no matter whether ite planned or not you worry about EVERY little thing even things you never thought about. Having à baby gives you à chance to regain that sense of wonder you had as à child you can remember everything is magic and it makes you happy :) well it makes me hapy. I think you should just wait and see when you birth that beautiful baby you might feel completely different or you might not but it usant happened yet! Be happy! Pretty soon you will meet the most amazing little person and you wont want to take your eyes off of his or her beautiful little face ! Again sorry my phone has ite own mind and uses autocorrect to sabotage me haha

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