Need advice about how to deal with my husbands ex! really long post sorry

Sarah - posted on 08/31/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am a step mom to two boys who are 4 and 5. The one just started kindergarten. I also have a son of my own who I am also in a custody battle for with my ex. But anyway my two stepson's mother lives half way across the country and calls once maybe twice a week and talks for a few minutes. In the past year she has sent things for them 3 times, on Christmas and each of their birthdays (both of which they did not get their presents in time for their birthday). Her boyfriends have been drug dealers and accused child molesters! She has butt dialed our house in the middle of a drug deal, and she even called to complain to my husband she found child porn on her computer that her boyfriend (the accused child molester) was looking at but she continues to date him. She never even called to see how her sons first day of school was. She just got her first job in a year and still continues to send nothing and supposedly works so much she cant find time to call her kids. I'm tired of them being upset over someone who obviously does not care (yet posts all kinds of stuff on facebook to look like she does) when I know how much she really does for them. We struggle financially while she runs around doing whatever she wants and has no responsibility for two kids she brought into this world. I confronted her about how she posts all kind of comments to our facebook page and has time to put on a show acting like she cares, but barely calls and when she does she can't wait to get off the phone and cuts them off telling them she has to go. Its always a line of excuses after you confront her. The sad thing is she actually thinks that the things she's doing is ok. She will sit their and act like she is absolutely perfect (which she is totally all about herself, all she cares about is herself) I take care of them all day everyday like they are my own. Am I wrong for confronting her because no one else seems to. Then she says she is going to come get them sooner than we think, but she has no car, no drivers license, she lives in a camper with her disgusting boyfriend. He has no legal custody agreement. Does anyone know how it would go trying to get custody from her with her living so far away, not seeing them in over a year, paying anything, and living the way she does? Would she have to come up here if we filed for custody? She can not care for these kids!!!

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