Need advice. First pregnancy. Baby bump questions.

Renee - posted on 10/23/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




So I need some help. I'm almost positive I'm pregnant. I took a test, it came back positive and I've been showing symptoms. What worries me is that I'm only 6 weeks along (if the test was right) and I'm already showing a bit of a baby bump. It's not too hard yet or too big. And when I lay down or sit down it just looks like fat, not a normal baby belly. Is this normal? Someone please help.


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Sarah - posted on 10/23/2012




Everyone is best is to talk to your doc if you have questions. But normally 6 weeks is too early to have a baby bump, especially with your first pregnancy. The baby is about the size of a pea, which is about 1/4 of an not very big. Most people start to show between 12 weeks to 16 weeks and some later then that especially with the first pregnancy. The more pregnancies a woman has the sooner they tend to start to show.

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