need advice for my 2and a half lil girl she dont like food at all,mainly the texture of foods??help

Kerry - posted on 09/16/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




any advice would be greatfull on this one very fussy eater doesnt seem to like anything other than sweets !!!! please help me !!!


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Kerry - posted on 10/06/2009




hi nicole thank you so much for your advice thats helped loads realy has i shall put it in to practice and hopefully fingers crossed,i think because she is my youngest aswell i give in to easily but as you say persistance is the key once again many many thanks xx

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i agree, i would stop the sweets. try cooking something that has a sweet taste, like sweet potato mash ans sausage casserole. praise her lots for trying new things, maybe use a sticker chart ( it worked for getting my 2yr old to brush his teeth without a fight!). my son went through a fussy stage when i had my daughter and he went completly off food and wanted to just finish off the babys bottles, so i removed all bottles and cooked him food as normal, he refused to eat it but i didn't cook him anything else, after 36hrs without food he started eating properly again. no child has ever starved to death through stubborness! u can also try getting her to help make dinner with you, give her praise, let her wear an appron and have fun with it, dont worry about the mess because its all part of the fun! let her see you having fun with food as well and then she will forget all the negative associastions she has with food. hope this helps!

Nicole - posted on 09/16/2009




Hi Kerry, First thing I would do, is stop any artificailly sweet foods/drinks! I know you are probably desperate for her to eat so you try anything but I think it will only make things worse if she gets things like that. You can try loads of naturally sweet alternatives like honey in cereal, pureed fruits, mashed banana and honey, dried apricots/dates and fruit smoothies are always a hit at my house!

My daughter who's 22months can be funny about textures at times, particualry apple skin so I peel it off. If you can doctor some foods to suit her likes without taking away the good stuff, go for it. You can use bribery (such as you can have your usual sweet AFTER you eat your veggies) but its not a great way to go as it wont teach them anything positive and you have to stick to what you set out otherwise they will perster you until they just get the sweets.

I always try and tell my girls why they need to eat certain foods, like broccoli, I say: " it gives u fibre that helps you poop and helps your body grow". By including the "why" they have to eat some things seems to make it less of a chore, well for my girls anyway. If you set good examples and your daughter is of good weight/height for her age, I would just keep persisting with the good messages and eventually she will grow out of the stubborn toddler stage and be more opening to other foods. Just remember if she refuses something once, try again in a week or so. Child professionals reccommend trying the one kind of food up to ten times before some children will like it and eat it so persistence should pay off - eventually! Good Luck with your little girl :)

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