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when my son was born the year of 2009 my my son grandmother from his father side claimed for him and told me after she claim. The year of 2010 the mother in law claimed for my child again and my son father claimed for me. The year of of 2011 i go a job November 2011 and he claimed for my child so far i never received any money from them to at least save up for my son future while they were using the money to pay his mother mortgage.All this time they told me i couldn't claim for him because i either didn't work or i just got a job at the end of the year mind you i went i had health insurance food stamp and i took my son to all his doctor visits with the father. now for he year 2012 my dad got sick and he switched over my insurance to his new insurance for my son doctor without my permission and was taking him to the doctor while i was at work for tax purposes i suppose. now when i decided i wanted to claim for my child he has already claimed first and we are no longer together by the way i also provided clothing for my child as well. has anyone been in my situation?I thinking i should report them for fraud because i feel like they are using my child for money when i am the one who brought him into his world and i didn't know any better so they took advantage of me and my son. Do u think they will have to pay back that money and will that money go to me if i can prove i provided more than half of my son support? Even if hes the one paying for his school


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when you file for your taxes, bring it up with your agent. i have a son that is mine and mine alone to claim. its usually an agreement amongst the parents to decide. you can file your taxes and claim your son but be clear that there is someone else who is trying to claim him. irs will end up determining who will be able to. otherwise its going to end up a court thing. and they will ask quesions about who provides for the child. i just filed mine and they're making it more difficult. if the irs chooses, they will ask for information to be provided that proves who provides for the child such as medical bills, school records, things of that nature. i hope that was helpful and good luck.

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