need help feeding these 3 eating machines of mine i refuse to buy out anymore any good recipe's!

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Hello every one im a mom of 3 . ages 14, 7 and 4 ! my kids are the most sweetest little darlings ever! but they eat like grown men! i refuse to pay for eating out anymore i would rather cook a large pot of something and let them eat till they're stuffed instead of paying 50$ to just feed them lunch! can you all please help with some good recipe's casseroles whatever that is quick and easy because i cant take paying all this money for one meal and they are really good eaters! trying to ake my own little cookbook ! i work nights and i have to have a meal cooked before them and daddy get home i have the 4 year old to help me i would be forever greatful for all your help!



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20 has a lot of casserole recipes, and the pregnancy web site, has a lot of make ahead and freeze recipes

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What I do is look up cheap recipes or quick recipes. I don't know what kinds of foods you like to eat. Do you have a crockpot? That could be a good option for you too. You can make the simple casseroles like chicken and rice. Lasagna is a good option. Soups! Chili. Spaghetti is always a good option. I'd make a list of foods you like then do a search online. Sandwiches are quick and easy. In my house we do not eat fancy.

I don't know if you would like this or not but I make it and my husband, myself, and my daughter love it.

For your family I'd use 3-4 cans chili beans and 1 package hotdogs (we use all beef). You cut up the hotdogs throw them in with the chili beans and you just heat it.

It's amazingly simple and shockingly quite yummy. It's become one of our favorite meals. I use half a package of hotdogs and two cans of chili beans for my family of three. You could make that with a salad or rolls.

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