Need help, I have a DEMANDING 1 year old

Kaitlin - posted on 02/28/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




(before you read, i am a very young mother, but i do not wish to be discriminated about my age, so if you are here to do that, please leave this conversation, Thankyou)

I need to let you know a bit of background before you understand my situation :)

I am a 17 mother of one (soon to be single, as i am moving out due to complicated relationship & I also still live with his family)
I have rocked, co-slept & never smacked my child

I read up on the Natural parenting.. and this was working fine with me, until my child has started SCREAMING if she does not get what she wants.. (not crying, tantrum screaming) She also is super clingy . i expected this at a younger age, but it isnt letting up?
I feel like day by day its slipping me in to a point of insanity!..

I have always wanted my daughter to be a happy child, but I need a little bit of help..
If i can transition my daughter to sleep in her own bed, & fall asleep on her own, it would be a big help..
And if anyone has any advice on the screaming? thankyou

p.s My daughter isnt allowed to be "loud" at night because my (ex)partners dad, sleeps from 7pm onwards.. which to me is unrealistic, as children are loud sometimes..

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