*NEED HELP TONIGHT PLEASE* My son is sick, im not sure what to do...

Sammantha - posted on 01/23/2012 ( 9 moms have responded )




Hes been sick for about a week and a half. I took him to the ER for a rash on his face neck and abdoman, and they told me benadryl/motrin/tylonal all together for a few days. Hes been off the medicine for about a week now, the rash subsided, and hes still not okay. He hasnt been wanting to eat/drink much at all, and hes was drooling non-stop, the part that throws me is that i wake up at 8:30 he gets up with me and within a half hour, hes sleeping again and he'll sleep until i goto bed at 9pm off/on every half hour or so...he hasnt touched his toys in a long time, he hasnt laughed or smiled in a long time. I took him to the doctor they told me teething. But i know my child, something isnt right. Teething isnt going to make him sleep endlessly, he has even fallen asleep in the bath shower ( i take him in with me), and thats not normal, and now he has ungodly bad breath. He cries all day and cant be away from me for more than a half hour, and when i do hold him he just sleeps. Im getting scared. My happy baby has lost all energy and spark, and the doctors havent helped me... im losing my mind over this. Every mom knows her baby, and every mom knows when something isnt right? i feel like im screaming and no one can hear me. Ive been crying and worrying, with no luck. If something is wrong and he dies or something from an infection im going to lose it. Ive heard so many cases of doctors telling mothers their children are "just fine" and then when its too late they find out its something fatal. please help any advise will help. ive gone to the doctors 3 times in 2 weeks and on the phone with nurses every time i get more concerned. still the same thing. bring him in...im tired of hearing hes fine. hes only 12 months old...my first and only baby, and the light in my day that feels like its diming, please please please help me...i just want some advise... ♥

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Kelina - posted on 01/25/2012




has he got his one year molars yet? my son got really tired and cranky for a couple of weeks with his one year molars. And they kind of kept going up and down, he wanted to be held all the time, it kind of drove me nuts too, especially seeing how lethargic he was. Keep an eye on his weight and make sure he's drinking plenty. don't worry too much about real food and just keep offering formula or booby whichever he's on.

Jodi - posted on 01/25/2012




By now, I hope your LO is feeling better, but I went through something similar with my first born. When her eye teeth came in, she just wanted to be held, she didn't want to play, she didn't want to eat or suck on a sippy cup or breast or anything. The rash could also be from teething, my 1 year old gets cherry red cheeks and a horrible rash every time a new tooth comes in. The sleeping *could* be from a growth spurt, my first born was never a good eater, so during growth spurts she didn't do the usual eat like a hog bit...she just slept. 12 months is a pretty typical time for a growth spurt...combined with teething, could be scary business.

That being said, you're absolutely right...YOU know your baby, not the doctors. Do not give up if you think something is wrong with your baby, go back again and again and again. Demand they run a urine test...draw blood, give him a FULL check-up...not just a routine physical. Remember, the doctors work for you and your insurance company. That makes YOU the boss. Best of luck, I sincerely hope bub is feeling better.

Nikki - posted on 01/25/2012




Go back to the doctor and DEMAND they check again. You said yourself, you know your child and if you feel there is something wrong you could be very right. Ask for a full check up and maybe a urine or blood test. Don't take no for an answer, honestly if I felt there was something wrong with my child and the doctor wouldn't listen I would camp at the hospital until either my child was better or someone listened to me.

Hope he feels better soon :) It could be something very simple like a virus or bug but it is best to put your mind at ease :)

Meredith - posted on 01/24/2012




Switching back and forth between the pain meds helped with my oldest child her teething. I also used teething tablets. Those were real easy to use cause they dissolve pretty fast. If it is teething those are the things that helped my oldest child, but if your don't think it's teething keep calling the doctors. Make them know your name and child by calling til they actually do something for you. You know your child and how it acts when he feels his best. Don't let them just ignore the situation. I hooe your little one gets better. I know how you feel when you can't do anything for your little ones.

Corinne - posted on 01/24/2012




Def start the pedilyte even if he only gets a little at a time its better than nothing. I know how distressing it can be to watch the love of you life seem almost lifeless. When my daugher was getting her eye teeth in it was so painful for her. I cant tell you the amount of Ibuprofen we went through with her. Also switch back and forth with you pain meds so her body doesnt build up against it. Drooling most of the time is from teething and not too much to worry about. And since he is in so much pain he isnt going to want to play. Also as long as he is still wetting diapers there isnt much to worry about with dehytration. He wont make a bowel movement if he isnt eating much so. Try oral gel if he will let you rub it on as well. And as everyone else said who cares what the doctors think if you are worried call and just explain that you know your baby.

Heather - posted on 01/24/2012




They also make unflavored pedialite - my daughter hates juice or anything sweet. My thought is that if you know something is wrong, don't let up until you have been satisfied. The only thing that you describe that my daughter didn't do when teething was sleep literally all day. Being listless is something that I always look out for. Have you tried helping with those teeth with tylenol, cold teethers, etc? If so and you really don't feel like it's just his teeth, don't leave the Drs alone until you have the answers you want! So what if it turns out to be nothing? It's not your job to appease your pediatrician!

Natasha - posted on 01/24/2012




bad breath usually occurs when someone isn't eating and he is teething, make some chicken soup, keep offering fruit, water, make sure he is drinking pedialyte my sons love it because its sweet and tastes like soda but its not, its a drink designed to keep kids hydrated when sick and keep the electrolytes coming into their system. You can buy it pre made or in powder form in small packets. Please get some if he doesn't eat anything it could become dangerous so offer pedialyte at least he is drinking. Sometimes doctors can be vague because they themselves have not much to go by, but mother knows best. Do what calms your baby and if he doesn't eat and you are worried for any reason never hesitate taking your precious to the ER who cares what anyone says!

Sammantha - posted on 01/23/2012




thank you, the bad breath and constant sleeping with barely any food or drink is making me scared. i mean im sad to tears to not see him smile and be so out of character in so many ways...the doctors in my town dont have the best reputation either and i wouldnt have insurance coverage anywhere else...so ive just felt so defeated lately. thank you for the reassurance though, its nice to hear something, from another mom, thats not just giving me an "i dont really care what hes got, hes fine" attitude. the doctors here shock me with how passive they are... bless you fellow mama ♥ its greatly appreciated

Natasha - posted on 01/23/2012




You poor lady! I experienced this with my son when he was 11months, he was wrongly diagnosed with the measles imagine that, I was pregnant at the time to. He ended up having an allergic reaction to homemade pasta sauce. He was also teething at the time, teething can be traumatic experience for a little one. When reading your words "my happy baby has lost all energy and spark" sounds like teething, its very draining. My second son is now 11 and a half months and he has days where he is crying sooo much that I worry, but he is just teething and just wants me to soothe him by holding him and just being close. Have you researched the rash? is their a fever? I don't think your little boy is going to die...rest assured he is probably in pain from the teeth, sleeping because he is growing and the rash is a sign of teething too, drooling especially. Just hold him and be there for him because the best medicine right now is love.

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