Need help with due date

Alyssa - posted on 10/20/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Last period was sept 1, I missed my next period on sept 29 so I took a test it was neg, took another on the 6th it was neg. finally got a positive October 20th it was pos. I was 7 weeks when I found out.( seems very late)


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Amanda - posted on 10/21/2013




We played that game I was on birth control last period was nov 29 and was 7weeks on February 14th. The magic wheel of silly they use is a total guess. And even when they do settle on a date they will change there minds. At39 weeks my dr told me I was going to be 41 weeks for sure... Harper was born on her due date. If the ultrasound says seven and you count back pick the day you know you got good jollies and count from there. That's what I did and I was spot on.

Michelle - posted on 10/20/2013




The doctors will count 40 weeks from the start of your last period. That's why it's only and estimated due date (EDD).
An ultrasound will be a bit more accurate. Your body may not have produced enough HCG to be detected on the HPT's.

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