need help with my relationship

Roselyn - posted on 10/29/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi, I'm new to this site. My oldest two 4 and 7 or from a previous relationship. I have a 9 yr step son and my newest addition my 1 month old baby girl. We had a lot of problems in the begging of our relationship and he would sometimes get violent, the fights would be over the stupidest things and he would get mad over the littlest things, after awhile things started to calm down and he started to get better. Well lately things have been going downhill again. He mad over the dumbest things, it's not easy adjusting to a new baby while taking care of 3 kids all with diffrent needs that need to be met, keep our place the way he wants it. I am tired most of the time because I am up with the baby all night and up at 4:30 in the morning to get his stuff together for work then get my kids up and ready for school so of course I am going to miss some of things while cleaning and cooking or whatever I'm doing.another thing everything is left on me when it comes to taking the kids where they need to go and do things they want to do, I don't have a problem with doing so but when I ask him to watch or daughter while I take the kids where they need to be he flat out refuses to watch her I'm just so tired of all of this and dont know what to do anymore.


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Nelida - posted on 11/01/2013




Hi I know how you feel even though I'm a first time mom and my daughter is berly three weeks old it's hard to deal with everything on my own my bf berly helps and I get so frustrated to the point that I start crying and I agree with michell follow your heart

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