Need Ideas for a 2nd Birthday party for my daughter!! Where and what entertainment?


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Tiffany - posted on 05/20/2009




I took my son to McDonalds for his 2nd b-day party. They had a HUGE indoor play area and didn't charge us a thing to use it. I bought a huge bucket of chicken nuggets for the kids and just let them run around playing and enjoying the freedom. It was great - no stress! Then after we had cake i bought them all a 50 cent ice cream cone! Best part of it all - you don't have to clean up the mess! :) Hope this helps.

Becky - posted on 05/20/2009




If you have a large living room or playroom in your home, clear out the middle and rearrange furniture to make it an open space. Put any riding toys or larger toys in the room, decorate it with balloons and streamers, and let the kids play in there. I wouldn't worry with a table for the kids to sit at - since they're 2ish. Let them sit on the floor or on placemats on the floor with moms supervising. Or, better yet - outside! No spill stains!

If you don't have a large, open room, check with your church or local community center. They usually have big rooms, balls, toys, etc, and you could rent it and decorate the room as you wish. I just wouldn't try to do anything too structured for a 2-yr-old's party. The kids will have much more fun if there's little blurbs of focused entertainment, but mostly a "free-play" kind of thing.

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