Need suggestions for a cruddy teacher

Lisa - posted on 01/17/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




My 7 year old daughter had a paper due on MLK Jr this week. During a discussion with my husband, my son brought up the fact that MLK was shot. My husband asked the kids if they knew who shot him and my daughter replied "a redneck bigot". Needless to say I was furious when she told us that her teacher told the class this!! We have already gone to the principal and complained about this teacher in the past. He claims she is a good teacher and he won't move my daughter to another class.

What would you suggest I do? I've considered writing a letter to the teacher, the principal and the superintendent. I've thought about confronting the teacher during conferences, but we are concerned that our daughter may face the repercussions. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Rachel - posted on 12/24/2012




Your daughter and her teacher are correct in that answer. How this would make for a news story is beyond me.

Julz - posted on 01/26/2010




If it doesn't work talking to the school - go to your local media - the school will be then forced to defend themselves.

Good luck

Angela - posted on 01/26/2010




I agree with Amy. My husband is a teacher, although he teaches Jr. High/High School. There has been more than one occasion when a student has either misunderstood his comments or has "expounded" on the them when talking to their parents. Perhaps another child in the room said something. Maybe they picked it up from TV. I always want to believe my child, and always stand up for my child, but when it comes to school use caution. Even if you are having problems with a teacher don't let your child know. My parents never did. They always told me to go to school and show respect to my teachers. It is very hard for the school if their authority is compromised by parents. When my husband has slipped up (and teachers do, they are only human) he has ALWAYS admitted it and hopefully this teacher will too. I'm not sure how your system works where you live, but where we live if the problems continued we would be looking at changing schools. That means leaving friends behind and possibly traveling for long distances. Ideally you can work this out with a call to the teacher, but if not then I'd check out my school options.

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Brandee - posted on 01/26/2010




I have not had to be in a situation like this yet, but I know my niece and nephews have and I was also a teacher briefly..One thing I have learned from my experiences as a family member and teacher was that kids don't tell the whole truth a lot of the time.. I suggest you ask a couple of parents if their kids heard the same comments.. Schedule a meeting with the principal and the teacher to get the teachers side of the story (remember you only have half the story right now).. If the teacher did make those remarks and the principal won't do anything then go higher up the chain until something is done.. Recently my niece (7 years old) got sent to the office for flipping someone off (she learned it from a 5th grader).. She said for days that she was just pointing across the room.. We were upset with her teacher for referring her instead of just correcting her and moving on.. After talking to her teacher and getting the whole story, she finally said that she did flip a kid off.. A parents first instinct is to protect their child, but you need to remain calm and gather all the facts before your proceed.

Yarin - posted on 01/26/2010




I say talk to other parents in your daughters class. See if they have complaints as well. Even if they don't, if you tell them whats happened, they'll usually be understanding and agree with you. Get a petition together from the other parents. There is a serious good teacher shortage, so they don't want to lose a teacher, especially if she has ten-year. Talk to her, put a petition together, speak to higher up. If this continues, then get the media involved. There has to be a resolution before it gets that far.

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ive had problems at school when I was a child, and it worked everytime! My mother would go to the office with the complaint and then she would ask for directions to the superintendents office, and they would tell us, and before we could even walk out the door, theyd be calling us back and solving our issue right their!

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Definately go higher high as you can until something is resolved. I would also say something to the calm and just simply tell her you do not think it appropriate for your child to be hearing this kind of slanderous words and next time she is planning to use derogatory words to please excuse your daughter from the classroom. That is what I would do.

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I'm so sorry you are having such a rotton school year! My advice (I am a teacher and a mom of a little guy), is that you talk to the teacher first. However, please please please think of writing down your complaints / comments / issues, whatever with details, dates, etc. If you go in with guns blazing, chances are you won't be heard. A good teacher will not let feelings for the parents affect interactions with the student, so hopefully the teacher is good like the principal says in this respect. Talking to other parents, the district, etc. before talking to the teacher is more likely to make the teacher defensive and then more likely to "take it out" on your child than talking to her first. Also, not knowing your child or the past instance, I suggest going in with an open mind even as you go in to make the best situation for your daughter. (Is there a possibility that the comment isn't exactly what the teacher said?) However, if you're dealing with a racist or innappropriate teacher, then talking to her might not make a difference. Good luck! All our kids deserve the best educator they can get, but take note most schools don't let parents request certian teachers.

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Alot of schools will not transfer kids from one class to the other after school has begun. Start talking to other parents that have older children and see what teachers they like or dislike so that this will not happen to you again. I agree with everyone else though for you now you need to go as high as you can and let it be known what was said to your childs class. Go to school board meeting if you have to .

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i agree! remember you pay their wages. they are a public servant. write a letter to the headmaster and forward a copy to his boss and higher up the chain if needs be. that way youve made him aware of the situation and if youre not satisfied with the outcome, write directly to his boss and have them deal with it. i know its a pain but keep a copy of any letters you send, that way they cant accuse you of not writing it.

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Agreed. If the principal isn't going to do anything then go to the superintendent. It makes me furious that there are teachers like that out there. It makes you wonder what else the teacher is saying?!

Jess - posted on 01/17/2010




I had a really bad teacher when I was in school... which wasn't that long ago. My parents complained to the principal and the teacher just got worse !!!

I would go as high as you can ! I had an out of control teacher and still to this day he teaches. I wouldn't let him teach a puppy to sit let alone a class of children. Follow your instincs and keep fighting until your happy with the outcome !

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