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I am having a very hard time finding a good job after I was let go from my last one. My husband is being very supportive and trying to do what he can so I don't stress. And it's nice being home with our baby. But I need to work... I don't understand why it's so difficult for me to find a good one. Any advice...?


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Hi, Bryana.

In my experience it's good to make a resume. You can find a template of how one should be set up, online. Having one not only shows you mean business, but let's the employers who don't have a lot of time, review it quickly or come back to for reference. Depending on where you are trying to get employed, they may even accept that, without having to fill out ALL of the application to apply.

Look at your work history. Do you have anything new or other to bring to the places you are looking to apply at? Usually if you have only experience in restaurants, then a bookstore probably isn't going to hire you. Which is sad, but the truth. Also, do you have any college behind you? Unfortunately, people nowadays seem to like the college part more so than the fact that you finished high school. Don't worry if you haven't gone to college or anything, though. It just means it'll be a little bit more tough to find the "good" jobs.

Plus, look at if you have or need any experience in the jobs you are looking to apply at. If they want a person with some experience, they may or may not higher you. Just inform them that you wouldn't mind being taught if they have the time for it, and are eager to do well. Often times than not, they will consider it, but don't count on it every time.

Make yourself available. Apply to several places. Be sure to fill out as much of the applications as possible. Look in the newspaper, or online for jobs you would like to apply at. Make several calls to them for inquiries in the position, especially to ask if it's still available. Be sure to dress the part for any job you interview for. They want to know that when it comes to the business of things, you want to do well, and therefore you dress the part. No matter if your applying at McDonalds. It's just good to do. How is your demeanor during an interview? Do you slouch and act like it doesn't matter if you get the job, or do you sit up straight, stay alert and focus on what the employer has to say? (Not saying you specifically, but in general. Lol.)

I've been in your shoes. With a horrible employee track record though, but from my employers side. The first two places I worked at tanked, and so any hope of gaining them as a reference or to show I worked there, was lost. So my work history is slim. I don't have any college behind me, either. So I've been doing the SAHM thing. I like to write though, so one day maybe I'll actually finish one of my five novels and publish them. Lol. I wouldn't mind being an author. My husband is supportive of me staying at home and trying to focus on writing so it helps.

What sort of jobs are you looking to apply for, if you don't mind me asking? Maybe I could give you some advise on them individually? Hope this helps you. If not. I apologize. :P Good luck!

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