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Jessica - posted on 05/30/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My baby is 5 weeks old. He started off on the Enfamil newborn formula, he was spitting up a good bit with it but my pediatrician told me that this was normal, so I just ignored the spit up because it did't really seem to bother him. He then began fussing with every single bottle that we would give to him, like he was hungry but it hurt him to eat. I called the pediatrician but they only told me to do what I was already doing, burp him and hold him up for 30 minutes after feedings. We then switched over to Enfamil Gentlease, he got much better with his fussiness during feedings, but he began to break out on his face so I thought this may be a milk allergy. We then tried Similac Sensitive, he is still having the bumps on his face, has begun to spit up again, and has become constipated. I hate to keep switching formulas but I want to find the best one for him. He is a big boy and seems to not be getting full after his feedings and the pediatrician told me to make sure I'm not overfeeding. I am a first time mama and at this point I'm at a total loss.


Robin - posted on 05/30/2014




What a challenging situation, mama! I'm sorry! :( Depending on where you are located (if you are located in the US, I know for sure), go to Eats on Feets facebook page and there are moms who donate milk to other moms (it's a co op). I've donated milk to lots of moms there and it's a wonderful thing! He may be sensitive to formula (I've heard even organic formula can cause the same issues)... Also, if you can co-sleep and have him close to you, you can see if it'll bring your production back up. Breast is best. There is fenugreek too, and ensure water intake is consistent and plentiful too. Don't give up either way! :) Also - trust your instincts. Don't let doctors or other moms or stories instill fear in you. You are his mom and you know what is best! Trust yourself and take a day at a time!

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