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Well, I'm pregnant right now, but I do want to get on some type of birth control when the baby is born. I have had so many problems with birth controls in the past. I am desperate to find something that works for me. Here is a list of the things I've tried and the problems I've had.

The Pill - can't remember to take for days at a time and hormones make me depressed (severely!) or aggressive towards family.

Diaphram - works great when I remember to use! lol

Nuvaring - made me physically ill to the point where I couldn't even eat, and my menstrual cramps were horrific!!! I thought I was going to die.

IUD - never tried but very leery considering all the complications I've heard about and the fact that most hormones that a negative affect on me

Obviously I will talk to my doctor when the time comes, but I would like to get some input and do some research before hand. If you have tried something that you like, please let me know about it.


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I to have had so many issues with BC.  I have tried every pill out there, the patch, yaz, depo, the ring, diaphram, comdoms they all made me sick.  So have getting pregnant this last time, I decided to try Mirana.  The benefits by far outway the risks.  I have been on it for 3 months now and have had absolutly no side effects.  No, messed up hormones, no weight gain, no depression, I don't even know it's there, and my partner can't feel it.  Also, one of my concerns was getting pregnant again after beening on it and it's like 8 out of 10 women get pregnant within the first month after having it taken out.  Oh, and you're periods get lighter too!  I think it's the best thing they came up with.  When I was looking into my doctor gave me a dvd and a pamphlet about it. 

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I would reccommed the Ortho Evra Patch. I had a problem with Depo and I could never remember to take the pill everyday. But with the patch I was never late, no side affects and no pregnancy's. the only pitfall is if you leave it on a day too long or take it off and forget to put it on till a day later, you may get your friend. I often Other than that I loved it.

Right now I have an IUD put in almost 2 months ago.I was very skeptical, it took me almost a year to decide what I wanted to do. But I did it and I have had no problems. The worst part was the cramping after it was put it, and that wasnt even that painful. The insertion just feels like mild cramping when you get your period. I opted for the 10 year, b/c I am only 22. But there is one IUD that doesnt have the extra medicines and hormones and I believe it is the one with the copper, the one I have.

Do your research you'll eventually find what best suits you.

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