negative pregnancy tests but still pregnant???...!!!

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Hello everyone! I'm new here and I have a very interesting dilemma. I'm 28 and the mother of three. I use to get pregnant easily and could take a HPT the first missed day and get a strong positive. After my lat child however (about 4 years ago), my "easy to get pregnants" vanished and even though I haven't been trying the entire time, the few months that I did try here and there passed with no luck. Now that my boyfriend and I aren't on the best of terms (Go figure) my period is late, about a week late. I've taken 2 HPTs with negative results both times. I've had all signs that my period was coming last week, spotted like two drops, and that was it! Help! I'm impatient! I know primarily, I should see a doctor but has anyone else experienced this??? Thanks for your time.


Eden - posted on 04/24/2014




The doctors will tell u that those test r pretty actuate n they use the same test in the office (at least my doctors did) but the next best way to check is to have an exam because we all know there can be a false postive or a flase negtive. I wouldn't go by ur period to tell, some women get a periods with being pregnant. But the fact that u had a couple spots then nothing else isnt the best sign, I found out I was pregnant when I had my period for an hour that was it but the next day my test said positive. I know its not fun but I'd go see the dotcors sooner rather then later if I was u

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