Nervous new mom trying to give my son the best.

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I have a beautiful, bright 4lights month old son who is the light of my life. Me and the father had a nasty breakup 2and weeks before I found out my son was comming. He was planned, but his father fell out of love. Needless to say I am crushed. He was very mean to me during the pregnancy and continues to be cold when I let him come see his son. He has begun the process of suing me for 50/50 custody including visitations that include who knows what..all I know is he wants him overnights. Im no longer breastfeeding, so he says I should let him take him whenever he wants and he is willing to wait till 67 months to go to court to take my son over night. Im so nervous and anxiety ridden with this and other circumstances that sometimes I can't really enjoy these precious days with my son. I think I might have some post partem depression as well so it makes everything worse. As of now the father has visitation on the weekends for a few hours and my son seems to come back happy. A little bit after he comes home he gets really fussy. His dad says he is never fussy when they are together. I know there are alot of points to hit on here in my post, so please what ever you can say to help me out would be great. Thank you.


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I feel sooo sorry about what happens to you... I am speechless.. I'm sure you'll find a way out, cause you are a mom, and moms have a lot of power. I hope you'll find yours to do the best.

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