New mom, confused, upset?

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So i'm a new mom, i had my LO on oct 15th (csection because she was so big for me; 9lb6oz and i wasn't dilating enough even with assistance) First off, having an unplanned csection was alot for me to take in.

She had these weird jitters/shakes when she was born, and they said it was because her blood sugar was low, and it kept staying low while I was breastfeeding. They told me I should supplement with formula, and it seemed to get alot better so I have been feeding her formula (I also did not want to do that either)

The first couple of days they were monitoring her jaundice, and it kept getting worse, so they put her through phototherapy and it seemed to get a little better. Then the jaundice got worse again, so even more phototherapy (shes had around 20hrs worth of it already) She finally has gotten better from jaundice.

Now she has this diaper rash or an allergic reaction to either the wipes or something, and its so frustrating because she cries SO HARD when i clean her, and she cries so hard that it makes me cry because I hate seeing her in pain. The rash/allergy is right around her anus and its really red (doesnt quite look like diaper rash when i googled it)

Everything seems to be going wrong, one thing after the other, its stressing me out and worrying me so much, and DH had to go back to work today, so I'm all alone and am feeling so overwhelmed with everything. :(


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Gemma - posted on 10/31/2012




Oh poor you had enough becoming a mum but with complications makes it more stressing :( Definatly take ya baby to the docs and get her bum looked at..Also if you are feeling very low with all the stress after having a baby to you should get checked to, to make sure your not suffering from post nate as it is very common and nothing to be ashamed of.

I sat at home alot (single) with my daughter after having her and now when i look back i realised i probably has depression and if i would go back i'd defo go back to the doc's as eventually it went away but could been made better.

Yes to clean your baby to do often say just warm water and cotton wool as perfumed wipes can upset their delicate skin. I to had this problem with my daughter but eventually johnsons wipes were the only ones i could use as she was got nappy rash and sore bum from all the others..


Rachael - posted on 10/27/2012




Use warm water! That's all we have ever used for our son. When he has a poop we'll put him the bath and soap up his bum. But we don't like to use alot of detergents. it sucks the natural oils out of the skin. The baby wipes are garbage. I havent found a decent wipe- even the "natural organic" ones are junk. Chemicals like sodium benzoate, and blah blah blah.. Its all chemicals going onto the sensitive skin. I use reusable wipes. Go to the dollarstore and get those cheap face clothes and some water water and wipe. That's it! it doesnt have to be complicated or fancy. We have a wipe warmer and fill it up with reusable wipes and water. If she's particularly sore, you'll want to put her in the bath and avoid any wiping- pat dry. Limit your friction cause she'll be sore.

Just to let you know that she could have had the jitters when she was born because of the drugs from your C-section. Baby gets the drugs that mom gets too!

Are you taking pre-natal vitamins? You should continue to do so since you are breast feeding and using the same reserve system. You need to make sure that you are giving her adequate nutrition and supplementing with vitamins will help with this.

Try to figure out why she is rashing. It's more than likely not the milk if you are breast feeding. If you are using formula, then thats a different story.

Does she have thrush? Check her tongue. Does it have a white coating? If so, it is a thrush infection. This is systemic- infects the digestive tracts including the colon. Will have to treat with probiotics.

Is she allergic to the chemicals in the wipes and or the diaper cream? Limit your use of chemicals and use natural products. A good diaper cream is Clef des Champs. Im not sure of where you live, but Goodness Me in the GTA carries it. Its an Olive oil base and works wonders on any type of rash!

Here's the link:

Just try your best in limiting detergent chemicals. Baby's are very sensitive. Make sure when she soils her diaper to not let her sit in it. Get it off ASAP otherwise it will eat at her bum. Urine is an Acid and Feces contains bile which is also an acid. Keep your baby dry and only use diaper ointment when needed.

Hope this helps. Hang in there :)

Tonya - posted on 10/22/2012




I'm am so sorry to hear about all this. With the diaper rash, take the baby to the dr. it could be a yeast infection or an UTI. My baby girl had yeast infections from the time she was 5 weeks old, and she still gets them, she is now 6. With the rash, place her in a little warm water, and when you can, let her just be naked. Place a diaper and a blanket under her just in case. When you are placing her in the water, don't put any soap or anything in it.

Also, the only way to know if she is allergic to something is change one thing at a time, so if you change diapers, keep the wipes, then after some time change the wipes, and so on and so on. Use unscented wipes and diapers.

Also, if she starts to get to much for you, ask a friend, mom, sister, someone you trust to come over and watch her, you are not a bad mom by doing this. I had to do that a lot with my baby. When you are stressed the baby can tell, and it doesn't help them, they just cry more. Hope this helps.

I would call the doctor right away though, and see if he/she can tell you anything. Good Luck

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