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i am a single mom of two boys 7 and 4. my seven year olds dad is not in the picture and rarely has been and my four year olds is in the picture all the time. i decided to join hoping i could get some answers to question about lying, not listening, bed wetting, and for me how to be a better mom. these boys are all i got and i love them but i am lazy in a sense and do not motivate myself enough to do things with them so i am looking for help and motivation. thanks you


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Single mom,

I hope all is well with you and the boys. You just said, "The boys is all you have" meaning you need to step up to the plate and be there for them in anyway. I'm a single mom myself I stay by myself with BILLS, I work part-time at dealership, and I go to college. To tell you the truth its not easy...I'm not with his father anymore it has been 5 years since we been together. My son got accepted to a academy school which I'm so happy because he is very intelligent! I go to school in the mornings and I work in the evening time so therefore I dont have time to see him and when I do its bed time. I talk to my son everyday. I tell him I know its hard because I dont see you but I love you with all my heart and what I'm doing is to better our future. Now he very understanding and happy sometimes he may say, "Mom, I hate the fact you have to go to school and work, but I know its for the best!" Your children is all you have man comes and goes, but your children will there so get up go to school make something out of yourself so they will be proud of there mother. I wish the best in everything you...make sure you always my the Lord in everything you do and everything will fall in place. God Bless you!

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