Night terrors

Loni - posted on 05/20/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son is 23months and has the most intense Night Terrors!! hes had thm since about the age of 6months, he has them every month or so...the last few hes had have been really intense!!! iits like hes wide awake but hes clearly not, he gets really violent and pinches, slaps and pulls hair, Im scared he culd hurt suggestions how I culd handle this?? Or shuld he be treated for them??


Angela - posted on 05/21/2010




My son is 5 and has had night terrors and sleep walks. We have spoken to his doctor and there is nothing they can really do. The only things he told us was not to wake him, watch to make sure he doesn't hurt himself and if we have stairs have a gate at the top so he doesn't fall down. It hard to see your child like that and not be able to help. He may grow out of them as he gets older. Good luck

Sunny - posted on 05/21/2010




I am 21 and have had night terrors my whole life. Sadly there is not a lot you can do about a night terror, they take place over different brain wave patterns to a night mare and cannot be remembered. You shouldn't try to wake someone while they are having a night terror because you don't know that you are doing it and finding out can be frightening while already in a state of terror. Most people grow out of them and others, as adults its believe that its has something to do with PTS. We have always been told that all you can do is keep an eye on someone having a terror so they dont hurt themselves, once the terror is over most people will be sweaty and over heated so it helps to wake them to remove a layer of clothing and have some water. I have tried medication and found it no different. You can always have his sleep pattens tested to see what his sleep cycle is. Other wise hope that he grows out of it, i now only have a hand full of bad ones a year so it does get better. Good luck!


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Amber - posted on 05/20/2010




My son is 4 now and his started at 2 months, at that time we had no idea thought it was just colic. My sons would sometimes last a couple hours. He would also very violent, he would do backwards somersalts and run into walls. If I could describe it in 1 word I would say Possessed, thats what it looks like anyway. My son would go in spurts sometimes having a few each night to where my husband and I were only getting an hour or two of sleep each night.

Try to get one on video and take it in to a Doc visit with you.My son has been to 4 different docs and they all had slightly different say on this.One of the Docs wanted to put him on valume, and seizure meds to help him sleep.I'm not a big one for medication so I would take the perscription cards and throw them away.

My son had some Developmental delays so he was in a birth to 3 program, in this program he recieved Ocupational Therapy. He has sensory processing disorder, the O.T. had ordered him a 15lb weighted blanket. Once he started sleeping with this blanked it did seem to help a little bit, the more sleep he gets the less night terrors he has. The weighted blanket helped him to get more sleep.

Wish I could have been more helpfull but maybe try a weighted blanket.

Loni - posted on 05/20/2010




He doesnt remember having them thts the worst part!! as soon as he wakes up hes all good, he had 1 last night tht lasted 4 45mins and it was the worst 1 so far. They are really scary to deal with, and theres noway to wake him...

Jessica - posted on 05/20/2010




It sounds like he could definitely hurt himself.....I would talk to a doctor and see if there is anything they can do for him. have you ever talked to him about what he dreams about or does he not remember anything afterward???? I think this is something he may grow out of because it is fairly common in children but I would at least talk to a doctor if he becomes that violent.

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