nothing i do seems to work

Amanda - posted on 02/21/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




im a single mom his father lives in another state, im raising my 4yr old on on my own and time outs and explaining the situation doesn't seem to work. my son is in time out at least 30times a day. tried spanking too, it doesn't work just makes him lash out pees everywhere and /or takes it out at kids in school. my son is constantly scream he has no mello voice just screams, constantly whining and crying and demanding things. if I don't give, and explain why im saying no, he will whine scream cry throw a fit then calm down and over and over ask and ask for what ever he wants even if I don't give in, the repeat this the next time he wants something. in the car if something falls on the floor he will scream bloody murder and demand I get it. if I don't give in he will ask and scream until I get it wheather its a 20min drive or 3hours. if something go wrong with what he plays with it breaks or cant do it or cant find a toy again screams bloody murder jumps and throws himself on the floor. bathroom light isn't on screams his head off. Ive been explaining to him for the past year you don't have to scream buddy just come up to me and ask for help doesn't work. we watched grown up tv together heyy im not perfect and for the past few months everything has been pg, and were still dealing with the effects. at daycare he kicked the teacher repeatedly while she was rubbing his back trying to help him go to sleep he yelled at he that he was going to shoot her head off. few weeks ago I woke up at 10pm he was giggling in the bathroom because he was peeing in the trash next day durning nap time he stood up on his bed and peed on his floor, brand new rug!!!! 2 days old. a week later I went in his closet and found rotting piss. made him take out everything that smelt and help me carry it downstairs to do laundry then he got his favorite toys taken away. he talks to fresh to me tells me to stop being mean to him like im the bad guy never wants to come home when at the grand parents, tells me to go in timeout tells me no to stop to go back to bed trys to make deals swears. we have been making friends with his best friends family from school. when with him he is the happiest lil boy but over excited jumps on his friend very in his face and heyy looks at me the yelling thing is still there so still yelling while he is in Andrews face ''hey heyy heyyy Andrew"!!! Andrew is very patient with my son shares and doesn't son though if Andrew has one of landyns toys he ripps it back and screams and throws himself ive explained he needs to share ive taken toys away completely. what I did recently if Andrew has one of landyns toys, that's it theres no sharing just go get another toy, I explained to him that Andrew wont keep that toy and it wont leave him house and he will always get it back at the end of the day but after 3time outs for the same thing in less than an hour he got sent to nap time early. I cant tell you how many times ive explained Andrew is your friend and Andrew shares his toys with you, I think it would be nice if you shared with him right. every time he agrees says hes sorry and does it again. I recently started taken favorite toys away for periods of time 1day 2days even 3. but he still gos right back to getting in trouble like he adapts to the punishments. I feel like I have the worst child and obviously its me im doing something worng I stained my son. he cant start school acting like this

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