OB caused me to have High Blood Pressure

Nayasha - posted on 05/10/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I was going to my OB for my whole pregnancy until I had my emergency c-section.

What happen was when I turned 29 week's I started having server swelling, seeing spots, and tension headaches. I told my midwives which they told me was normal for pregnancy and was fine. On my 35 week check up I gained twenty pounds in one week, and I was not feeling good at all. I had no clue what was going on and I they just told me I was fine. A week later I went to the closest hospital because I could hardly stand, barely see, and I just felt wrong. When my husband and I got in my blood pressure was 180/134. It wouldn't go back to normal rate so they decided to take him by c section just in case my blood pressure shot up again and sent me into a seizure.

To the best of my wishes my son was born at 5.10oz and completely normal. the day after he was born the doctor who saved me and my son came and told me some disturbing news. I signed over my medical records as soon as i got there but everything needed to happen that the doc nd i never really talked untill now. he explained that my records from at least 29 weeks i was showing signs of preclampsa. only one i wasn't showing was high blood pressure. he than began to tell me that all of this should of been caught and taken care of. all that i just went threw and risked my LO life could of been prevented.

MY blood pressure hasn't fallen a bit, still 148/108 and the doc who i am now working with says its most likey never gonna be normall again since my body was being pushed so far. He than told me if it hasn't fallen by 6 weeks that it would be high for the rest of my life, i am 22. And the job i have been presuing just got blown away( police officer, i am getting my bacholar in CJ)

My new doctor said if it is so that this is premadent to take action of my old OB, since al the signs were there. What should I do? Should I take action or what.. I dont know


Michelle - posted on 05/10/2014




That's up to you. I would talk to lawyer as well, not just your doctor. No one here can tell you what you should do.

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