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Heidi - posted on 01/07/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ok moms of more than one child well more like three or more. I need a little help. My current suv is starting to give us problems and we are now looking for something new. Does anyone have any suggestions. We have three children with one on the way. They are all still in car seats. The ages are 6 almost 4 almost 2 1/2 and then we will have a new born in May. Any help or suggestions someone can give would be greatful. My fiance wants a minivan and I don't want one. He is almost all for them and I am kind of against them. We are both open to look at suv's and minivans to see what will best fit our family. It also has to be 4wd o awd.

Thank you for any help you can give.


Sarah - posted on 01/08/2013




We have a Dodge minivan and I love ours. We have 3 kids and could easily fit a 4th. I enjoy the fact that all I have to do is push a botton and the doors open for me. So many times my hands are full and to try to pull a door open would be a juggle. It also sits lower so the younger kids that can walk can climb right in on their own.....This helps when you are juggling an infant carseat in your hands. We have the newer style minivan, so it has more of a sport type look to it or an suv look from the front and back. My husband wanted the suv and I wanted a minivan, so this was a nice compromise for the both of us. We have the stow and go style so there extra storage behind the driver and passenger seats to store things if you don't have the seats stowed. We also have plenty of room in the trunk to store the stroller and suitecases (we travel a lot as our families are 4-5 hours away). One thing we wanted when looking for a vehicle was something with lots of cup holders.....seems like you always are in need. Ours has about 10 to 12 cupholders and the back has a few extra holders that work well for fries or toys. Ours has two DVD players with a drop down screen for the 1st back row and another drop down screen for the second back row. They can either watch the same show or each watch a different one. A nice luxury that you would use more then you think :). It is not 4wd or awd...I am not sure where you live. I am in the midwest and orginially wanted something with 4wd or awd as it snows here in the winter and we do live on a hill. My husband has a pick-up that is 4wd that we also use to plow our driveway. As I started to read more I realized that I wanted more the stableizer (not sure what the correct term is)....it helps correct the wheels so it prevents the van from roll overs as often. I know the new dodge vans now have a light and I think a beep that goes off when there is someone on the side of you for if you want to pass.....helping you detect your blind spot. They also have a foot sensor for the trunk door.....if your hands are full you can put your foot under the rear bumper and the door will open. Two things that I wish ours had. Anyway this is probably more information then you are looking for :) I would do some test driving of different vehicles....take the kids along as then you will see how the carseats will fit and what things you like and don't like concerning how the kids ride.

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