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I am trying to organize my five-year old's toys and am wondering if anyone has any good ideas for doing so.....he has minimal shelving(nice size closet shelf and 3 smaller shelves) in his room, a two drawer organizer, and a large toy box.


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Amie - posted on 06/12/2009




Our house has 5 different toy bins. One for each kids room, one for the living room and one for the family room.
Big toys are kept in the family room since it's the largest.
Medium-small size toys that don't make a lot of noise are left in the living room.
Their rooms each have their own individual toys keyed more to their ages and most importantly the noisy ones are kept in there only! (we got enough noise without adding in talking toys lol)
They each have a bookshelf for their books also.
All crafts and projects are kept in a rubbermaid container that is stored in the hall closet. That one they have to ask for since it contains scissors, glue, etc.
We've found this works for us because there are things in each room they play in. We control how much is in which room. Those toys are for those rooms only so we're not searching the house and running back and forth putting them all away.

Terri - posted on 06/12/2009




i usually put my kids favorite/special toys that will fit on the shelves, the big/medium ones that wont fit on shelves in the toy box and all the smaller toys and crayons and things like that go in the organizing drawers ... hope that helps some

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