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hi i'm 29 weeks pregnant with my second baby an my baby has been extremly overactive since tuesday afternoon due to me falling, i didnt hurt my tummy but i went to see my midwife and went to hospital for reassurance, i had my baby monitored and was told my baby was fine but it was still extremly active i have since looked online (which i regret) and read up on problems with overactive babys. I now feel worried as i have read babys can be overactive before death i wouldnt have this concern but my mum was pregnant with my little sister 20yrs ago and was very overactive due to my mum falling and her baby then become overactive due to the cord bein wrapped around here neck and sadly she died, should i be happy with what the midwife said that my baby is fine and it may just have been shocked or do i return to hospital for them to do more??


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Keep tabs on movements, if they slow down and your concerned then go see your midwife. Otherwise try to not eat anything with suger or any caffeine. Go for a walk, or be more active (the movement can help the baby calm down and possibly sleep).

My oldest was VERY active and he's 2 1/2 and very healthy. Sometimes babies go through active stages, i'd say you'd have more concern over in-active stages.

Also, the chance that your baby will die due to the cord being wrapped around the neck is very small. Did you have an ultrasound? That can tell where the cord is and help put your mind at ease.

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If your midwife says the baby's fine, I'd take her word for it. That's what they're job is. Just be sure to take it easy for a little while and rest up. If you have any sort of cramping or unexplained bleeding, then you'd have reason to worry. Don't over-examine it, it's probably nothing. Maybe your baby is just super active.
And don't worry about the cord being wrapped around the neck. Babies are acrobats, as you well know. My friend's baby had the cord wrapped around the neck three times and she had a c-section and the baby came out just fine. My baby had the cord wrapped around her ankle and she couldn't puch through the canal, so she was taken out c-section too, and she's a year now. Totally healthy and fine.


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If it bothers you that bad.. Go back to the hospital and explain that you want to have a check to make sure the cord is not around the babies neck and you are consurned

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if it is still really bothering you it doesn't hurt to go get it checked out again for reassurance. but try not to stress too much about it

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Ask your midwife to send you for an ultrasound for the extra reassurance. Maybe telling her about what happened to your mom she would understand better and I wouldn't tell her that you read things online as most drs and midwives hate when their patients do so unless it is a site they know for sure is correct.

Michelle - posted on 01/13/2011




thank you ladies you've helped to ease my mind with both your oppiniouns, i may possibly be reading way to much into this but i've never experianced this before and is not normal for this baby. Amy i only had the movements and heartbeat monitored but my baby is breech an have been told i may well need another scan anyway.

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