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Kayleigh - posted on 12/06/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Me and my partner have decided to try for baby #2 again after a miscarriage in July. This is our first month trying and our first month using ovulation kits so I am a little (or a lot) confused as to what date I had a positive ovulation test and In need of some assistance as what day you think I ovulated as my eyes are going funny from looking at them and trying to figure it out.

I have a 28-30 day regular cycle and i took the test between cycle day 14-16 Also we had intercourse on cycle days: 8, 10, 12 and 15.

What are the chances That we made the egg? Is this the right timing or too late/early?

Thanks :)

P.s I have uploaded a pic of the tests in order how I took them and ivy uploaded a few links from same picture because I don't know what links work on forums :/




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Veronica - posted on 12/09/2012




If you are serious, get the book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It's actually an easy read and it will be more accurate then the ovulation kits believe it or not. Here it is in short. Put a digital thermometer beside your bed and before you even put your feet on the floor in the morning, quick pop it in your mouth and record the result. When your basal body temp (that's what it's called) jumps 3 degrees and STAYS elevated for a minimum of 3 days you ovulated. That is the important part. Your temp may elevate by more than 3 degrees, but it has to STAY elevated for 3 days minimum then you have ovulated and are not longer fertile. This is what the ovulation kits really get and sometimes it can be a day too late!!! Progesterone is heat producing and just imagine your body creating a huge dose of it to shoot off an egg. Once the egg is "launched" you are no longer fertile. You have to do the baby dance 1-3 days prior to ovulation to allow time for the egg and the sperm to meet. What will really bust your bubble is that the closer to ovulation increases the chance of a boy as they are quicker, smaller, but have a short expiration than female x sperm. Also, your cervical mucus (you have to reach up in there; not just the normal wetness around your labia and vagina) will dry up and get sticky. Take the mucus between your thumb and pointer finger and separate them. If it is an eggwhite color and stringy (doesn't separate easity) then you are fertile and do the baby dance!! Imagine an egg yolk. That is the best mucus for sperm flow. Also, your cervix will be higher and harder to reach when you are fertile, as well. Ever think your partner seems a little bigger than usual and it hurts a little more? That's because you already ovulated and the bridge came back down so nothing is "joining" shall we say?! Keep charting as the book can teach you how to read these charts online or make your own (I suggest Ovusoft or fertility friend) and it will give you an honest reading as to what your luteal phase and follicular phase is. Your luteal phase doesn't change without meds usually and is when you don't get prego. The follicular phase averages 14 days, but varies from person to person. Mine was 18. The 3 days prior to ovulation is when you need to be making some lovin'! So imagine if yours was also on day 18, for example. You should be doing the baby dance on day 15-17 to get prego, but someone with a 14 day one should be having sex on day 11-13!! Day 1 is always the first day of your period. I know this is alot, but if you have questions, email me at imahrguru at yahoo dot com and I will be happy to help. I'vd tried it all and finally got prego with two boys only 11 months apart in age! How's that for success!!! Just remember: high cervix, soft cervix, eggwhite CERVICAL mucus, and the last three days of your follicular phase (which varies, so you gotta check your temps at the very least). Don't think twice about reaching for your cervix. Try it on different days like a few days after your period and then wait a week and try it again. You will notice it getting softer and cushier rather than the harder like the tip of your nose. Sometimes you might not even be able to reach it if is really high. Just only get the mucus from around the entrance of the cervix! Also, your luteaul phase has to last at least 10 days for the egg to survive long enough for fertilization. If it doesn't, go buy some progesterone cream and follow the directions. I had a short 10 day luteaul phase and lengthened it by 2 days. Also, if you see a fertility specialist, have them do a procedure where they check to see that your tubes are open buy blowing a balloon up your uterus and squirting dye so they can see it on an x-ray. Take good pain meds 30 minutes before as it is very painful!, otherwise. They aren't allowed to say so, but it's like getting a colon cleanse for your fallopian tubes and really helps get things moving along. Taking Charge of My Fertility got me started, but I swear by this procedure, as well. Not a doc, but someone who tried aimlessly for 7 years until I got serious with the above mentioned Let me know how you do!!!

Bonnie - posted on 12/07/2012




Although I'm not much help with the ovulation strips as when I tried to use them I never got a positive result. I think there is a good chance that you guys had good timing though. When we were trying for baby #2 I eventually stopped using the strips and just dtd every day to every other day on days 7-21 (I have a 28 day cycle.) That way we never wouldn't have been succesful d/t timing. They say most women with 28 day cycle O on day 14 so I went with that assumption. I am pregnant with my third right now (not planned) and we only had unprotected sex 5 days before I was due to ovulate so even if your timing is not right on you may still get pregnant. Good luck!

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