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Is it time for my 14 month old to come off the pacifier. Her dr told me to get rid of it when i took her for her shots at 12 months. But I couldn't seem to just take it away I didn't feel she was ready and i have another baby on the way i think she will feel as if i took it from her for her sister and be more jealous so i did stop her from using it all day unless we are in the car or she is taking a nap. she knows that when we go to unhook her from her seat that we take it so she now takes it out of her mouth and hands it to you if she had a good enough nap and slept good at night when she wakes up she will suck on it for about 15 mins then hand it to you so do you think i should just take it from her or wait and see what she does when the baby comes I'm not sure if it would help with her jealousy when the new baby gets her or not


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You are doing a good job. Just keep what you are doing. Slowly take away the car time and then nap time and soon she'll be off it for good. I had the same problem with my son, josh, when I had my son jake. He did just fine when jake was born.


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My mom weened the paci from my sister at the same time as the bottle, for me I prefered my thumb, my oldest never used a paci, and my youngest lost his at 8 months and I never relaced it.

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I was 3when my mum got rid of the dummy for me. But then i stole one from a shop the day she did it :) but she also used to say we are giving them to your brother he needs them cause he is little and ur a big girl now. Mum said it worked after a few weeks of trying and i was rid of them :)

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jelousy will come and go, she will see the attention you give the baby and think that used to be me. just give her hugs and say your a big girl now this is for your sissy. and show her you love her no different, same thing with the paci say its for sissy your a big girl you dont need it no more. she wont see it that way but, ya she will grow out of it and be on to better things soon enough.

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I think that you are doing a great job so far taking it away. It seems at this point she is using it purely for comfort, I would suggest giving her something else that can do that same job. A soft doll, stuffed animal, or perhaps a small blanket. Also it is a valid concern that she may be jealous, I was worried that my son would do the same when his brother came, but he did great and was really the best helper (even though he was barely 2). Any time that his brother dropped his pacifier he would bring it to me to clean and then take it back to him.

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