Pacifier Problems... night time just isn't the same help!

Amy - posted on 05/19/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )





So first off just so everyone knows I am not weaning him from his sue sue yet! he is too young in my opinion and it is way to big of a comfort for him. Now he used to sleep a very regularly bed at 7:30 up at 4am back down in 20min up again at 7.... with irregular naps. Now he does sleep like that everyonce in a while but for the most part im up every 2 hours to rescue sue sue. I think he might be teething but my doctor said he wasn't, he is perfectly healthy no infections. He goes to bed awake and falls asleep fine. His naps are now nice and regular! first nap at 9:30/10 till 11:30/12 then his next nap is at 2-4. Now this nap schuedual just started about a week ago. But he had two nice sleeps in that week so i don't think it's the naps, I've been debating whether I hsould shorten the naps to an hour and a half... or should I wait another week before I change them up? Has anyone else had problems like this? where one night no soother is fine and the next Imma die without soother? haha Oh! and im pretty sure he isn't going through a growth spurt.

Im sleep deprived so I figured I'd ask here for help. Is there anything I didn't check that I should have? something obvious? haha any help would be great at this point...




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Angela - posted on 05/19/2009




Same thing with my kids happened You have to do the cry it out. The first night is hard but after one week you will get sleep. Its not always perfect but better than anything I ever tried. and my kids liked pacifiers too but they fell out and then they woke up so now they have a blankee they suck on and it doesnt fall out. the cry it out is the ferber method try looking it up on google they will also have other suggestions

Hope this helps

from one mom who knows how it feels but I had to do it with twins.

ang- nap every chance you get.

Dawn - posted on 05/19/2009




First off I agree with you about the bink bink or sue sue as you call it. I wasn't ready to take it away from my son when he was younger because I knew he wasn't ready for it to go and it gave be a bit of sanity. And we had the same issue with my son screaming in the middle of the night when he realized he lost it. But after a long talk with the doctor and about a week of feeling guilty, everything was fine. My doctor told me that he was old enough to sleep through the night without it and that I just needed to let him cry, It killed me and I thought I was never going to get any sleep. The first night I finally did it, it seemed like he cried all night, but by the end of about a week or so I had no more issue. He was sleeping through the night and finally so was I. I also would put some cereal in his last bottle before he went to bed so that he was stay fuller longer.
My son is now two. He gave up his bink bink and his bottle on his own when he was 11months. I have a daughter who will be 1 next month and she hasn't used a bink bink since she was about 3 months. But I think I will have a harder time with the bottle with her. I also think your nap schedule is fine. My daughter still takes 2 daytime naps a day and my son takes 1. Each last about 2-3 hours and they sleep through the night fine. I hope this helped

Gemmah - posted on 05/19/2009




hi amy!!!

my schedulal for my son at that age was

7am start....

9.30 nap

10.30 awake

1.30-2pm nap


7 pm bed time

4am bottle time then 7am again.....

BUT...when he was teething he was out of wack big time...sometimes bubs teeth move around ...we call this pain "growing pains".bub can get a rash on the bum ,dihoreea,dribbiling like a tap,red sore gums etc...when i was experiencing this i used a herbal remedy u can buy from ur chemist...its called breures herbal remidies...they have a massive range of things to teetihing tonic to restlessness....and its in expensive and 100% natural!!!!and if all else fails talk to ur local trsillian care center.

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