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Any advice on pacifiers for a 6 week old , my son is going through this phase where he will only breastfeed a short amount of time get really fussy and will not take anymore breast I have tried the bottle and same thing the only thing that really calms him is the pacifier however I heard it is bad for their gums and not a good habit ????


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I havent heard that a pacifier is bad for their gums but I know they are bad for their teeth, but that wont be an issue for a while. I think they are great to help sooth them, they enjoy the sucking motion. I feel it is perfectly fine for babies at that age until they are one to have a pacifier. My son used them until he was 10 months. I took it away one day and he didnt have an issue at all. But I didnt give it to him all the time. Just when I felt he needed it

I think thats the bad habit you are talking about. I see parents give their baby the pacy every single time they cry, which isnt really the intended use of it. You only need to give it to them when you have tried other ways of comfort and they dont work. But thats something that will cause the habit to form, and when babies get really used to having them all the time, of course it will be hard for them to take away.
As long as the pacifier isnt the main source of comfort, its fine to use. Just make sure when baby starts getting teeth its probably time to take them off of it, I have really seen some damage done in childreen who suck a pacy for too long

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