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Hello my boyfriend has a daughter that is 7yo he has never been aloud to be a part of her life and her mother moved her out of the state when she was a baby but did not contact my boyfriend for consent. she has had no contact with my boyfriend other then to tell him that she wants her husband to adopt the little girl but hasnt sent any paperwork stating so. Can he go to the courthouse and have a judge relinquish his rights to this little girl and his support dutys or will he still have to pay for her?


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Well if he doesn't want to be a part of her life he can sign his rights over to the man that wants to adopt her. It is paper work that will have to be drawn up by both parties. The mom must have the paper work filled out and a judge has to okay it and then your boyfriend can sign off. I know in my state two parties have to be responsible for a minor so he can not relinquish his rights without still having to pay child support. Meaning he can relinquish them but he is still financially responsible. Now if her husband adopts her he will pay any back child support that he owes and then his finical duties are done. On another note the mom broke the law by moving out of state without consent from your boyfriend and the court. If he is obligated to be financially responsible for this child he has rights to her in some way shape or form unless he chooses not to have them. So it should be ordered that he have some type of parenting time if he is paying child support and if the mom is withholding that from him that is illegal also.

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